Fifth Angel - 1986 - Shrapnel
Time Will Tell - 1989 - CBS
The Third Secret – 2018 – Nuclear Blast

Fifth Angel image
S= Ridge, Glass>>Ted Pilot
G= James Byrd>>Solo, Atlantis Rising – Ridge, Glass>>Ed Archer - KENDALL BECHTEL
B= Kenny Kay - Redhead Devil>>JOHN MACKO>>Redhead Devil
D= Ridge, TKO, Chastain, Alice Cooper, Randy Hansen, Strike, Accept, Impelliteri, Flotsam And Jetsam>>Ken Mary>>Chastain, House Of Lords, Impelliteri, Strike, Accept, Flotsam And Jetsam - Joe Parfumi

In 1983 Byrd, Archer and Pilot came together in Bellevue near Seattle to form a US-metal band. Pilot and Archer knew each other from Glass and covers’ band Ridge. The band name was taken from a story in the Bible. A demo brought a Shrapnel contract and Fifth Angel is soon hailed as a new and important metal band. Instead of moving forward, Byrd left and Mary found himself doing session work. Kay was billed on the debut, but was in fact was only pictured. The band had utilized Hendrix fanatic Randy Hansen for the sessions. With Macko and Bechtel now in the line-up the band got together again in 1989 and recorded an album for CBS and re-released the debut with new art and notes. Time Will Tell was originally supposed to be produced by Terry Date, but was eventually worked on by Terry Brown. The band again split up when Mary was off again. Ted Pilot soon followed his father and took over a dentistry. Macko’s daughter Madison joined a band called Crashing Through You in Florida.

There were rumours of a reunion in late 2006, which came to naught due to several members’ lack of desire. The band reformed again in 2009. Bassist John Macko was also seeking a singer and guitarist for his new melodic metal band, Redhead Devil. Would-be or current Seattle residents were to email him at john@outcastangelmusic.com. The band, in the meantime, was scheduled to play at Keep It True XIII festival in Germany. Singer Ted Pilot also left Fifth Angel ostensibly because he was too busy in 2010. He would, nonetheless, continue in a solo capacity. Pilot was replaced by solo artist Tim Branom. The band was still playing at the Keep It True Festival in April. In the meantime, Fifth Angel bassist John Macko and Imagika guitarist Steve Rice were recruiting a vocalist for their contemporary hard rock act. Candidates could contact info@outcastangelmusic.com. Former Heir Apparent drummer Jeffrey McCormack joined Fifth Angel in early 2010. He would leave in the middle of 2011.

Peter Orullian, Heir Apparent’s singer during its 2006 reunion tour in Europe, sang for Fifth Angel at the Keep It True XIII festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany on April 24th, 2010. Orullian replaced Tim Branom who was not able to attend or sing due to reported throat issues. Fifth Angel recruited singer David Fefolt formerly with Angels Of Babylon, Masi and Hawk. The band was working on a new album.

The band signed with Nuclear Blast Records in 2018 and announced an album called The Third Secret for September. Subsequently, guitarist Ed Archer re-joined Fifth Angel in advance of the band’s The Third Secret album, which was due through Nuclear Blast in the month of October.



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