Nightmare 13 – 2010 – Nihilistic Empire
Thrash Is Just The Beginning – 2013 - Nihilistic Empire

S= Fabian ‘Schumi’ Schumacher – DENNIS ‘BLAZE’ BARON
G= Fabian ‘Schumi’ Schumacher – Cadaver Disposal, Deus Inversus, Harasai, Mallevs Maleficarvm>>DENNIS ‘BLAZE’ BARON>>Cadaver Disposal, Harasai, Deus Inversus, Mallevs Maleficarvm – OLIVER HEY
B= Tobias Rath – Alex Voss>>Majesty, Cadaver Disposal, Magoth
D= Luc Jouon – Manifestic, Extinct The Scum, Destroy Them, The Very End>>Jerome Reil>>Manifestic, Extinct The Scum, Destroy Them, The Very End

Active since 2007, Final Depravity may or may not have been a challenge to all the bands called Depravity out there. The band issued a demo called Nightmare 13 in 2008, which contained three tracks. The tracks appeared on the group’s full-length of the same name in 2010, which this time featured 13 tracks. It was not a secret that Tom Angelripper of Sodom was a guest on the song Veil Of Secrecy. The band toured with Onslaught and Suidakra in 2011. Album number two arrived in 2013. The band now included Jerome Reil, the son of Kreator’s Ventor. Only Blaze was left standing. Voss left in 2014. Reil officially left in 2019. The band was working in the on a new album studio in 2020 and 2021 (postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic).



Final Depravity