Fingernails - 1988 - Cobra
Destroy Western World - 2007 - Old Metal 2
Alles Verboten - 2012 - High Roller
Fingernails Live – 2013 – Scumbags
Oslo 2012 – 2013 - L.A. Riot Survivor
Fingernails – 2013 - L.A. Riot Survivor
We Are Back – 2014 - Blasphemous Art
Rotten Souls – 2015 - Blasphemous Art
Merciless Attack – 2016 - Blasphemous Art

Fingernails image
S= Kaledon, Raff>>Anthony Drago - Whisky & Pain>>MAURIZIO “ANGUS” BIDOLI>>Whisky & Pain - Whisky & Pain>>MARCO "BOMBER" SANTONI>>Whisky & Pain
G= Raff, Childhood, Whisky & Pain>>MAURIZIO “ANGUS” BIDOLI>>Childhood, Whisky & Pain
B= Hammer>>Big Ricchard>>Hammer - MARCO "BOMBER" SANTONI
D= Riccardo "Duracell" Lipparini - Engrown>>Carlo Usai>>Engrown, The Reptilian Session, Underball

The band was formed in 1981 in Rome, Italy and issued several independent demos in the '80s. 1984’s Heavy Night and 1985’s Welcome America were the first. Cobra Records issued the band’s debut in 1988. The group disbanded for ten years in 1990. Lipparini died in 1996. Fabiano Master Bianco was a guest drummer on Alles Verboten, which was recorded at Contofase Studio in 2011. Not only 2012 brought two live albums, but also We Are Back was a live record. Drummer Fabiano "Master" Bianco joined in 2017.


Fingernails has apparently been around for over 30 years. Yet, this disc is very likely the very first time the names passes through the Hallowed Halls Of Metallian Towers. Yes, their promotion and publicity has been that strong.
Moreover, the music is strong and a good kick to the old power pack. Should the earlier material for the band be as strong as the 11 songs on Alles Verboten (German for 'everything is banned') then the travesty multiplies.
The four bandits/biker/tough guys bear that image and deliver music to match. Suicide Generation has that early Motörhead feel with the hard punk edge that made the Brits so famous. The music is raw, has an edge and cares less about much. Deadly Bitch has a superb solo, as does other favourite track Father Ralph. These are fun tracks that are anything, but clean. If the punk metal sounds don’t sound appealing check these titles out: Frankenstein Food, Witchy Suicide Wildcat, Metal Bullets, Rock And Roll Barbie and Satan Vs God. High energy guaranteed. - Ali “The Metallian”