Ou Est La Rock? - 1999 - Bong Load
The Second Great Awakening - 2003 - Nuclear Blast
Their Rock Is Not Our Rock - 2005 - Liquor & Poker
Remember The Story – 2017 - Cleopatra

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History & Biography
Hard rockers Fireball Ministry came together in Cincinnati (before relocating to Los Angeles) in 1997 by Burton and Rota - the latter supposedly an ordained minister. The band issued a split 7” with Fatso Jetson before graduating to a full-length. Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza helped out on Ou Est La Rock?. Fireball Ministry appeared at Stoner Hands Of Doom Fest 1999. The band next issued a MCD, called F.M.E.P, through Small Stone Records in 2001. Brad Davis Of Fu Manchu is heard on this recording. A tour with Fu Manchu and Spirit Caravan followed.

The band managed to obtain a deal with Germany’s Nuclear Blast Records, whose US office was local in Los Angeles, and recorded its second album. The band next headed to Europe to play shows with Uriah Heep and Blue Oyster Cult. Shows in the USA were also performed alongside Dio, Anthrax and, oddly enough, Andrew W.K. The band moved two cubicles to sign to Liquor & Poker Music for its third album. The band hit the road and in December, 2005 appeared on national TV in the USA performing the song Sundown. The band publicly complained of a lack of label support upon cancellation of its UK tour. Johnny Chow joined a new band, called Souls Of We, featuring George Lynch in 2009. Fireball Ministry announced the release of its self-titled fourth 'album' independently on March 16th. Fireball Ministry was mostly recorded at Grandmaster in Hollywood. Fireball Ministry’s next album, called Remember The Story, was released through Cleopatra Records on October 6th 2017. The band had a video called The Answer. The band played several concerts in the USA, Desertfest in Belgium and a couple of concerts in the UK in 2019 and went quiet. There were several vinyl rereleases in the works in 2023 and 2024.



Fireball Ministry