Made In Hell - 1985 - FM
Merciless Slaughter - 1986 - FM
Summon The Dead - 1988 - Black Dragon
Last Prophecy - 1989 - Famous
Nomen Illi Mors - 1991 - Molon Lave
Agony Rise - 1996 - Poko

Flames image
S= Nigel Foxx>>Thanatos, Nigel Foxx's Inc., Fortress Under Siege - Alex Ossek - Tom - ANGELOS GEORGIOPOULOS

G= NIGEL FOXX>>Nigel Foxx's Inc - CHRIS LEE KIRK - Athan Schitsos

B= Andy Kirk - ELIAS

D= Gus Collin - George Adrian - MICHA BAZEO

History & Biography
Flames is an Athens-based thrash band formed in 1984 by Chris Kirk. Chris' brother Andy is also a permanent fixture within the band. Made in Hell was recorded using a drum machine. An EP called Live In Slaughter House was issued in 1987 by FM Records. These Greek thrashers acquired a new singer in 1988.

The band was put on ice for a few years with Chris trekking back and forth between Greece and Germany. The band was reported rehearsing for a new album in 2002. It seemed to be setting Germany on fire.