FLESH>>The Pete Flesh Deathtrip - SWEDEN

Dödsångest – 2005 – Iron Fist
Temple Of Whores - 2006 - Iron Fist
Worship The Soul Of Disgust – 2008 - Pulverised

Flesh image
Embryo, Maze Of Torment, Deceiver, Thrown>>PETE FLESH [PETER KARLSSON]>>Thrown

Embryo, Maze Of Torment, Deceiver, Thrown>>PETE FLESH [PETER KARLSSON]>>Thrown

Embryo, Maze Of Torment, Deceiver, Thrown>>PETE FLESH [PETER KARLSSON]>>Thrown


History & Biography
Flesh is the project of Pete Flesh in which he is occasionally assisted by former Deceiver members drummer Flingan and bassist Crille Lundin. The group issued two albums, which were produced at the Abyss Studio through Iron Fist Productions before switching to Pulverised Records.

The monicker was changed to The Pete Flesh Deathtrip in 2009 due to other Fleshes out there.


It was just the other early morning - during the execution of a Metallian Towers serf caught listening to some wimpy keyboard-ridden zit of a CD from Finland as a matter of fact - that a pensive moment transported me to the days when death metal was just that instead of the ersatz rubbish being passed off as the sub-genre nowadays. Going back to the years when Carnage, Vomitory, Seance and Protector crushed with no concession to commercialism can only bring a pang of nostalgia to the heart of a knight of Metallian Towers.
Enter Flesh, the band of Pete Flesh of Maze Of Torment infamy. Pure death metal with nods to Possessed, Protector and the heaviest moments of Kreator is the bread and butter of Flesh. With a tilt towards the noisy end of metal Temple Of Whores is chock full of brutal madness, speedy whirlwind manifests and throaty growls from hell. Be it the title track, Rotten Through The Skin, Taste The Devil’s Blood or the tumultuous riffing on Vultures Flesh is the anti-thesis to today’s conveyor belt 'melodic death metal' nonsense and everything a self-aware death metal hellbanger needs. Enough said. - Ali “The Metallian”