Animal Factory – 2010 – Manitou
Feeding The Pigs – 2013 – Great Dane
Blood Red District – 2015 - Great Dane
Hearts of Darkness – 2017 – Great Dane

Fleshdoll image
S= Gomory>>BASTICH>>Gomory
G= Blood Ages>>PAT ‘BILLY’ BERBE>>Blood Ages – Ozlomoth>>CHILI ‘FLO’
B= Flobeer [Florian Celdran]>>Verdun – Blood Ages>>JUDAS [RÉMY HAMDAN]
D= Ozlomoth>>Steeve – Neperiah>>Michaël Martin>>Blood Ages, Otargos

This French band was formed in 2001 and issued a demo in 2005 called [w.o.a.r.g]. It was Recorded, and mastered at Winterized studio. Thundering Records distributed this disc. The group was invited to play in Morocco in 2006 alongside Kreator and others. Another 5 years passed before the band resurfaced with a full-length on Manitou/Peravde the successor to Thundering. By now, Pat had replaced E.S.N. on guitar.

Fleshdoll left Pervade Productions at the beginning of 2012. The Toulouse-based band was recording its next album under the auspices of Mobo-Conkrete Studio (Minushuman, Otargos, etc.) that spring with Samuel Santiago (Gorod) as drummer. Santiago would end up in Canadian band, First Fragment. Michaël Martin left in 2017.


Taken at face value Fleshdoll is a typical standard traditional death metal band following the pure sounds of the '90s. This is meant as a positive given the scarcity of quality death metal that omits superfluous frills. Fleshdoll is brutal, chunky, mostly fast yet occasionally mid-paced and slow and has a vocalist who gargles blood from dusk until dawn and then only stops to suck vein for replenishment. The vocals are slightly high in the mix. The band does not have the world’s richest number of guitar solos, but those that are here are stirring.
The band does go a step further supplying the listening victim with quality riffage bred for impact. The title track is a tour-de-force, Transmission 11 is mostly an instrumental, Sweet Apocalypse is slower and Go Dig Your Grave In The Sand acknowledges to the stupidity of the American soldier.
Fleshdoll has a very good death metal slab now in its name. The band’s name might be on the cliché side of things, but devotion to pure death is a plus, never a minus, and mavens should give these ungents a chance. - Ali “The Metallian”