Penalty - 1996 - Roadrunner

Floodgate image
S= Drip, Exhorder>>KYLE THOMAS>>Trouble, COC, Jones's Lounge, Alabama Thunderpussy, Exhorder, Pitts Vs. Preps, Marzi, Devil's Highway, Aortha

G= Drip, Exhorder>>KYLE THOMAS>>Jones's Lounge, Exhorder - STEVEN FISHER

B= KEVIN THOMAS>>Exhorder, Jones's Lounge

D= Neil Montgomery>>Gods And Monsters

History & Biography
When Exhorder died in 1993, Kyle Thomas formed COC-like band Penalty (name changed for legal reasons) and claimed, "For years, I've been waiting to do this project". Now joined by his brother, Thomas - still on Roadrunner - released Penalty's self-titled demo in 1994, followed by Floodgate's Penalty album in 1996 and when that band didn't go anywhere and was dropped by Roadrunner played with Trouble and COC before reforming Exhorder after seven years - with his brother now in tow.