The Darkest Empire>>FOG - USA

Through The Eyes Of The Night - 2001 - WWIII

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Thy Darkest Empire, Brimstone, Dysperium>>LORD TYPHUS MIRINOR [JOHN ANDREW NEWTON]>>Dysperium, Solo, Grey Wanderer, Mytherium, Formaldehyde Sleep

Subconscious, Morpheus Descends, Thy Darkest Empire, Brimstone>>LORD TYPHUS MIRINOR [JOHN ANDREW NEWTON]>>Engorge, Solo, Grey Wanderer, Holocaustum, Formaldehyde Sleep - The Electric Hellfire Club>>Atziluth Volupsa [Adam Walker]>>Graves Of The Endless Fall, The Lurking Corpses, Ptahil, Kata Sarka, Iron Noose, Acephalix, Nuclear Hellfrost

Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse>>LUATHCA>>Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse, The Lurking Corpses, Ptahil, Warkult, Malign Starfist, Demonic Christ

Thy Darkest Empire, The Lurking Corpse>>TOPHETARATH [GEOFF MONTGOMERY]>>Thy Darkest Empire, Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse, A.I.D.S., The Lurking Corpse, Viking, Acerus, Formaldehyde Sleep

History & Biography
Formed in early 1996 by Lord Typhus Mirinor (owner of Dark Horizon Records) and Tophetarath, the band released the In The Sorrow Of The Crimson Sea demo the year after. The band used one track for a Dark Horizon sampler and made its tour of duty by appearing on a Dwell Slayer cover CD. In 1999 the band changed its name to Fog. Signed to Dark Horizon, the band released a split 7" with Horna before signing with WWIII and releasing its debut in the spring of 2001. Ordealis Records picked up the album for France. A single called From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity appeared to be in love with stringing words and was issued in 2003. Moreover, an album called Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres was announced yet never materialized. The Indiana act played black metal. The album and single were compiled and given new artwork by Lord Typhus for a Dark Horizon Records’ re-release in 2021.

The band members participated in several groups together.