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Uncertain Future - 1989 - Combat
As Above, So Below - 1991 - Combat

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History & Biography
Here is a rare thrash metal act from the US Northwest. The band was getting increasingly technical until they were dealt with the Combat/Relativity way: dropped. A 1993 demo EP called The Shore was also released. The band was called Critical Condition and first formed by Hull and Benjamins who both played guitar in 1983. Tony and Brad were childhood friends. Tony’s brother Curt was in the group. They split up three years later and pursued other projects until resurrecting their common band with Benjamins switching to bass. Two demos called All Fucked Up and Thrashing Helpless Down were spread with the latter bringing the band some acclaim. The band was on the verge of signing with CBS (with some interest from MCA at one point) before finally signing with Combat Records. The trio opened for Obituary after touring with Coroner.

In the summer of 2011 Brad Hull joined Sanctuary on second guitar replacing Sean Blosl after that band’s reformation. Sanctuary also played an announced show in Seattle. Blistered Earth is a Metallica tribute act. The group reformed in 2002 very briefly and again in late 2020.



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