Force Of Evil - 2004 - Escapi
Black Empire - 2005 - Escapi

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S= Ironfire>>MARTIN STEENE>>Ironfire, Evil, Solo

G= King Diamond, Zoser Mes, Danger Zone, Mercyful Fate>>MICHAEL DENNER>> Denners Trickbag, Denner/Shermann - Brats, Gutrix, Virus 7, Mercyful Fate, Fate>>HANK SHERMANN>>Mercyful Fate, Shermann Tank, Denner/Shermann

B= Maltese Falcon, Witch Doctor, Geisha, Blakk Totem, King Diamond>>HAL PATINO>>King Diamond, Pretty Maids, Nordic Beast, Disaster/Peace, Dark Blue Inc., Maryann Cotton

D= Zoser Mez, Mercyful Fate, Fate, Rax Load, Mike Tramp's White Lion, Shermann Soldiers, Gutrix, Virus 7>>BJARNE T. HOLM>>Mercyful Fate, Gutrix, Virus 7, Art Cinema, Deccoband, Denner's Inferno

History & Biography
Force Of Evil is the closest thing to a Danish metal super group. Mercyful Fate guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Shermann formed the band. They were joined by Hal Patino, Bjarne T. Holm and Martin Steene of King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Ironfire respectively.

Force Of Evil was formed in September of 2002. The band began recording a debut album in March, 2003 and completed the recording in time for a summer release. The band's debut was due to be issued by Diamond Records in 2003, but lack of resource shifted the dates to 2004. Escapi Music issued the album. The band began working on a DVD in the meanwhile. The group officially began the search for a label after being dropped by Escapi Music in late 2006.

In the summer of 2014, Mercyful Fate guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Shermann joined forces in yet another project called Denner/Shermann. They would continue with their respective main bands, Denners Trickbag and Shermann Tank.


Yes, the individuals in Force Of Evil - Mercyful Fate's Michael Denner, Bjarne T. Holm and Hank Shermann, King Diamond's Hal Patino and Iron Fire's Martin Steene - are responsible for some darn good metal over the years and Force Of Evil is turning out to be more than a side-project, but who would have expected Black Empire to be such a great album. Quite a few of these riffs have probably been written over the years by Michael Denner for Mercyful Fate and they sound like it. Some of the music is that good. Black Empire certainly has its weaker points, but songs like opener Black Empire, Back To Hell, Days Of Damien and S.O.S. are impressive examples of faithful heavy metal dripping with serious riffing, awesome guitar solos, dirty production, a dark mood and some of the best singing Steene has ever done. His voice has taken a turn for the higher pitches here and is often doubled up with a lower snarl. The songs refer to horror and thriller films. For example, Disciples Of The King is a tribute to Stephen king, yet one can but wonder whether some smartass wanted to bring up the members' legacy with King Diamond. Moreover, the artwork of Linda Bergkvist is both metal-oriented and penetrating. A nice touch is the inverted cross on top of the church. Fans of vintage heavy metal like Mercyful Fate, Hellion, Queensrÿche, Helstar, Nevermore and Primal Fear - Anna Tergel


Force Of Evil