Misanthropy - 1997 - Posthumous
Burning Down - 2001 - Ancient Nation
Sic Luceat Lux - 2003 - Osolon
In The Image Of Man – 2014 - Assault

Forgot image
Manson, Anksunamoon, Sternatis>>WIZARD [SERGEY SOLOSHIN]>>Manson, Anksunamoon, Sternatis




History & Biography
Forgot is a Russian black metal band that was formed in 1995. Several members came and went, but the band eventually became the solo project of Wizard. The man still utilizes collaborators. A demo called Doomed To Exile was released in 1996 and was followed the year after by Misanthropy. The Burning Down album was issued in 2001 by Ancient Nation Productions and later re-released by Propaganda. Sic Luceat Lux was reissued by Oprich in 2006.

The band proclaimed itself a member of Black Wolves club.


Forgot is one of the oldest Russian black metal bands and has quite a tortured sound. There is a hint of synthesizers in the background, and sadly a drum computer, but the frog-like vocals are surrounded by a hollow and depressing evil monotone. This is surely evil and grim as it gets. The songs offer little variation and the band is clearly not after any kind of commercial acceptance. The group’s biography looks down upon the nationalist views of other bands in the genre, which is the way it should be. While all that is good songs like All Will Disappear, Forgot, My Star or Nuclear Winds offer next to no variety or distinction from one another. The use of the same programmed 'drum beat' of course makes matters worse. Fans of Burzum may dig this, but the group’s sole member needs to recruit members and allow them into the songwriting process in the future. - Anna Tergel