Songs To Leave - 2002 - Selbstmord
Springtime Depression - 2003 - Adipocere
Love’s Burial Ground - 2004 - Adipocere
Negative Megalomania - 2007 - Avantgarde
Under Saturn Retrograde - 2011 - Agonia
...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil - 2012 - Agonia

S= Sacrater, Died Like Flies, Tombstone Highway, Dakryon>>HERR MORBID [FERDINANDO MERCHISIO]>>Tombstone Highway
G= Wudang>>Cyneris - Died Like Flies>>HERR MORBID [FERDINANDO MERCHISIO]>>Tombstone Highway - RAZOR SK
B= The Tombers, Dead?, Hiems>>ALGOL>>The Tombers, Dead?, Hiems
D= Shining>>Ted Wedebrand>>Shining, Skitliv - Dunkel Nacht, Domina Noctis, Whiskey Ritual>>ASHER>>Whiskey Ritual, Domina Noctis, Dunkel Nacht

Italy’s Forgotten Tomb was formed in 1999 by Herr Morbid and bassist Torment and immediately set out to do its best to be forgotten and, in fact, never be noticed by signing to labels like Adipocere and Avantgarde. There was a demo called Obscura Arcana Mortis in 2000 that was later re-issued with bonus live tracks. It featured Herr Morbid as the lone depressor. The doom band’s debut full-length came in 2002 and had an apt cover art.

Agonia Records signed Italian black/doom metal band Forgotten Tomb in 2010. The band would begin recording a new full-length album, called Under Saturn Retrograde, at the end of the summer. Forgotten Tomb’s Under Saturn Retrograde was issued in early 2011. Italian metal band Forgotten Tomb would release its next full-length album , entitled ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil, on October 30th, 2012 through Agonia Records.

The band’s lyrics promote suicide. The group transitioned early from black metal to doom/black.



Forgotten Tomb