Evermore - 1997 - Storm
Anima Mundi - 2004 - Golden Lake
Dominaeon - 2005 - Golden Lake
After The Fall - 2009 - I Hate
Apocryphal Winds - 2017 - Mighty

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Reflection, Wolven Hour, Anchorite>>LEO STIVALA>>Reflection, Wolven Hour, Anchorite

Kevin Azzopardi>>Orbus Vitae - Daniel Magri - Norm Rejection, Filletti & Friends>>SEAN VUKOVIC

X-Vandals, Kremation, Vandals, Nomad Son, Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus>>ALBERT BELL>>Vandals, X-Vandals, Nomad Son, Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus

Dawn Of Anguish>>SIMEON GATT>>Dawn Of Anguish

Weeping Silence>>Mario Ellul>>Weeping Silence

History & Biography
After the Requiem demo '91 - which Marcel of Beheaded produced - and the Virtues Of Sanctity 7" EP '93 (still as a quintet and on France's Arkham Production), the band released a CD in 1997 called Evermore.

Since then the band has remained active appearing on compilations and the usual tribute CDs.

The band was originally formed in 1990 as a progressive metal band called Blind Alley, but changed its name after adding Bell formerly of Kremation and Vandals. The Requiem demo showed a doomier direction and the band played with local band Extremity. Azzopardi left the band and was replaced by Vukovic. The band played shows in Spain and France. In May of 2001 long-serving member Magri passed away due to cancer. 2002 promised a new MCD from Forsaken. The band had released a three-song demo simply called Demo 2002 in February of that year. The Iconoclast MCD eventually appeared in 2003. The MCD had a running time of 35 minutes and was produced at Temple Studios.

The band released its second full-length album, entitled Anima Mundi, through Golden Lake Productions in 2004. The band's 2005 album was released by Scotland's Golden Lake Productions in October, 2005 and was titled Dominaeon. Lyrically, Dominaeon was centred around a core concept that explored various spiritual themes related to the Christian faith. The album was recorded at Temple Studio, Mistra Bay, Malta. Song titles included Dominaeon, Obsidian Dreams, Daylight Dies, Kenosis, Wretched Of The Earth and Resurgam. After The Fall was issued April 1st, 2009. The band was booked for the second edition of Brainstorm Festival.

Mighty Music issued Pentateuch in 2017. The closing cut Apocryphal Winds was divided into three sections. The group opened for KK's Priest and Metal Church in 2023. The band appeared at Doom Over Vienna XVII in 2023.


A band from Malta is rare enough. A doom metal band from Malta is even more rare. Is that band any good though? The answer is yes - albeit cautiously. Forsaken was formed in 1990 and knows a thing or two regarding song writing, arrangement and sound, but it is quite explicit that most of Forsaken's inspiration comes from one band, namely Solitude Aeternus. The epic passages, the doomy heavy riffs, the instrumental and drawn passages, the forlorn vocals all hint at the Texan doom-meisters. As a matter of fact, the lyrics, follow the path of Solitude Aeternus, and hint at a white metal band. Which is fine given S.A.'s penchant for brilliant doom metal. Having said that, fans might want to check out the original inspiration before delving into this bunch. The band should maintain the course, but drop the extraneous keyboards and incorporate more guitar solos. Listening to the lead guitars on Wither The Hour makes one wonder why the band does not use this weapon more! - Ali "The Metallian"

Forsaken is an under-rated band. The Maltese band features very good vocals, good music and a good presentation with its latest album Anima Mundi (literally translated soul of the earth). There are precious few bands playing the epic style of doom metal and Forsaken does it so well that the band's underground status becomes a little bit of a shame. The band, unfortunately, uses keyboards which is feeble and disappointing though.
The CD features seven songs in over 50 minutes which translates into long individual tracks. Sephiroth is a good song, but can get too soft at the end. The poet's Nightmare is a minute-long interlude which is basically a voice-over with a Christian Orthodox chant in the background. The Eyes Of Prometheus is the weakest song here veering into the so-called atmospheric tract. Carpe Diem begins with a Sabbathy feel before becoming more upbeat and surging forth and then becomes slower again. All Is Accomplished is a good song and is especially reminiscent of Candlemass. The song has a beautiful metal solo making one wonder why the band does not provide for more of these.
The songs on this disc are above average doom metal tunes for fans of Solitude Aeternus and Candlemass. It is just too bad about the keyboards though. - Ali "The Metallian"

Forsaken has been one of the lone beacons for epic doom metal on the scene recently. With Dominaeon the Maltese group pushes its abilities further producing its most imaginative and creative album yet. There is not one bad track on the album. In contrast, songs like Kenosis with its huge Candlemass inspiration, brutally heavy Wretched Of The Earth, the 9-minutes long album closer Resurgam, The Celestial Alchemist with its subdued ways and choir, crushing title track and classic doomy Obsidian Dreams (superb title) which is inspired by Black Sabbath add up to a must-buy for fans of the largely dormant sub-genre. The departure of the unneeded keyboardist, the apocryphal lyrics about religion and the heartfelt delivery speak for themselves. If you ever liked Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus or Solstice then Dominaeon is surely on the shopping list. - Ali “The Metallian"