Bring On The Dead – 2001 – Razorback
Another Gory Mess – 2012 - Blastasfuk Grindcore

Fuck I'm Dead image
S= Shallow Grave, The Kill>>JAY JONES>>Shallow Grave, The Kill, Sanctioned, Remains

G= Arseripper, Shallow Grave, The Day Everything Became Nothing, King>>DAVE HILL>>Shallow Grave, The Day Everything Became Nothing, King, Remains - The Day Everything Became Nothing>>XAVIER IRVINE>>The Day Everything Became Nothing, Roskopp

B= Arseripper, Shallow Grave>>Tom Raetz>>Shallow Grave - The Day Everything Became Nothing>>Jack Whitcroft>>The Day Everything Became Nothing, Die Pigeon Die, Doubled Over - Arseripper, Shallow Grave>>TOM RAETZ

D= Potential Citizens>>DARREN CONDY>>Potential Citizens

History & Biography
This grindcore band was founded in the year 2000. A demo, called Fuck...I'm Dead arrived soon. Fuck... I'm Dead Vs. Engorged split was issued in 2002. Darren Condy replaced the drum machine in 2007.

The band disappeared after the 2012 record. Several members moved to other bands together.


Where on earth does Razorback find these maniacs? Australia by way of a 7" comes the answer. Gotta love it. A short intro and we are off to rampage with the kind of deathcore only fans of Mortician and C.U.M can ingest. The speed is blazing (of course) and the vocals are of the 'tunnel of wind' variety. The CD features new songs, 7" songs, live songs and the obligatory hidden track. The band is full blast and monorhythmic but does pause to incorporate a couple of rhythm changes here and there - good riffs too. Sadly, it's all comes with an empty feeling for the band is backed by a drum machine. Where's the glory in programming a computer? Too bad, but as mentioned, Mortician fans can get their heads minced on this one. Aaaaaaaaaarrggghhh!!!


Fuck I'm Dead