Destroy>>FUCK OFF>>Destroy - SPAIN

Another Sacrifice - 1989 - Claxon
Hell On Earth – 1990 - G.B.B.S.
Smile As You Kill – 2013 - Xtreem

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Doomsday>>Joe Bolta [Joe Perez]>>Doomsday, Invasion - Reina Negra>>Pep Casas [Josep Casas Oliver] - Setge>>ALBERT GRACIA>>Setge

Heavy Metal Company, Bloody Metal, Reina Negra, Kírlian, Barbarian, Invasion>>PEP CASAS [JOSEN CASAS OLIVER]>>Barbarian, Reina Negra, Kírlian, Invasion - Claudio Ringeling

Jackson [Jordi Casasnovas] - Redox>>Toni Sáez Catlla>>Redox, Tribute – Zappa - VÍCTOR ESPEJO

Miki [Miquel Glanadell] - FERRAN

History & Biography
The thrash metal band was founded in the pickpocket capital of Europe Barcelona in 1986 and split up in 1990. A self-titled single was issued in 1988. The group attempted a monicker change in 1988, but soon reverted to the original. Like most bands, the group eventually reformed – in this case in 2010. Xtreem gave the act a contract. The band rerecorded Hell On Earth and Xtreem released it in 2015. Víctor Espejo was the newer bassist.



Fuck Off