Inflict The Inevitable - 2006 - Copro
Off The Face Of The Earth - 2009 - Deka

Fuelblooded image
S= Goden>>Vital Welten>>Persistense - Bowel Crust, Aura, Scenario II>>Peter Brinkman>>Scenario II
G= Form, Fifth, The Saturnine, Detonation, Prostitute Disfigurement>>Danny Tunker>>Detonation, The Saturnine, Prostitute Disfigurement, Abhorrent, Alkaloid – Tornado>>MICHIEL RUTTEN>>Tornado, Prey For Nothing
B= Seventh Episode, Scenario II>>MICHEL STEENBEKKERS>>Scenario II, Cirrha Niva
D= Norbert Moen

Fuelblooded is a thrash metal band that evolved from Sacramental Sachem in 2002. A self-title demo was immediately issued which contained four tracks. The group signed with Copro records, but the relationship did not last. The debut was recorded with producer Stephen van Haestregt in 2004 and was issued in 2006. Deka Records issued an album several years later, which was picked up and re-released by My Kingdom Music in 2010. The album was recorded in the summer of 2008 with new singer Brinkman. It was mixed by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry, The Absence and Carnal Forge). Tunker had joined the band in 2007/2008, but remained active in Detonation. Fuelblooded lost three members in June of 2010. Singer Peter Brinkman, guitarist Danny Tunker and drummer Norbert Moen left the act. The band suspended all live activity with the remaining members writing songs. The band instead broke up around 2013.