Spread The Fire - 2006 - Annialation
Plunging Into Darkness - 2010 - Annialation
Trapped in Perdition – 2013 - NoiseArt

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Jovanny “Gio” Herrara>>Master Destructor - RICK RANGEL

Jovanny “Gio” Herrara>>Master Destructor - RICK RANGEL - Skeletal Remains>>Chris Monroy>>Skeletal Remains – Armory, Blade Killer>>JON RUBIO>>Blade Killer

Sodomizing The Dead>>ANTHONY VASQUEZ>>Sodomizing The Dead

Sodomizing The Dead, Blade Killer, Excel>>CARLOS GUTIERREZ>>Sodomizing The Dead, Blade Killer, Excel

History & Biography
The band was formed in 2001 in the lovely Norwalk, California by drummer Gutierrez and guitarist Sal Zepeda. Rick Rangel initially handled the bass. Life, Death and FBF (Fueled By Fire) was the title of the band’s first demo. A second one was called Spread The Fire!!!!! Annialation Records issued the band’s debut album, which was then picked up, given new artwork and two bonus tracks and released by Metal Blade in the summer of 2007. Metal Blade executives had apparently seen the band open for Hallow’s Eve and Hirax. Gio left the band between the release of the two editions.

Fueled By Fire cancelled its appearance at the Thrash Assault 4 Festival, which happened on November 14th, 2009 at Posthalle in Würzburg, Germany. The Americans were duly replaced by Paradox. Sodom, Necronomicon, Legion Of The Damned and others were on the line-up. Kreator, Morbid Angel, Nile and Fueled By Fire announced a European tour beginning November 1, 2012.

Jon Rubio joined in 2019. Monroy had left three years prior. After a period of silence M-Theory Audio issued the Past...Present...No Future Pt. 1 7” in 2021 and Past...Present...No Future Pt. 2 in 2022. The band played a show to celebrate the 16th anniversary of its debut album - seriously - and played at Gates Of Metal in 2023.


What’s the fastest way to get beaten up in South East Los Angeles? Go down to Norwalk and say “thrash is dead.” The guys from Fueled By Fire will whoop your ass!!
Boy, if this doesn’t sound like authentic thrash metal from the heyday of Bay Area then I don’t know what does. The Metal Blade edition has added two extra songs, changed the artwork from the original, and made it ready to be spread like wildfire. Spread The Fire sounds like an exact replica of early Death Angel were Paul Baloff on vocals. Not that the thrashing four make any bones about it; the first song proper is called Thrash Is Back and declares “bang your head against the stage, on Baloff’s command.” With other titles hinting at Exodus’ debut Bonded By Blood, like Command Of The Beast or Metal Forever (Exodus’ Metal Command) or Striking Death (Exodus’ Strike Of The Beast), a couple of early Kreator solos, Iron Maiden melodies and gritty-yet-screaming vocals by Gio this thing comes out a sure winner. The vocals are a tad weaker and different on the track Betrayal. Unheralded will probably be drummer Carlos whose precise and varied beats go a long way to heavying up this beast. Can the band repeat this on a second album?
The only thing remaining is for someone to tell the band they have misspellt 'fuelled.' - Anna Tergel


Fueled By Fire