Anthems Of Disenchantment - 2002 - Warpath
H.A.T.E. – 2008 - Rottrevore
In Praise Of Devastation – 2013 - Cerberus

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Ipank - Ordoth, Kerangkenk, Delirium Tremens, Children Of Hell>>DONI TONA>>Children Of Hell

Rio [Kristoforus Dwinanda Satrio]>>Disinfected - AI DEADFINGER - FADJAR RAMADHAN

Valendino Mithos>>Vallendusk - Arslan Musyfia

Disgusting God, Vile, Sadistis, Cryptical Death>>Pandi Sds [Pandi Gebes]>>Sadistis, Eternal Madness, Cryptical Death - GATOT HARDIYANTO


History & Biography
Indonesia's Funeral Inception was formed in August of 1996 using the Bloody Gore monicker. The band was comprised of singer Ipank, guitarists Rio and Mithos, bassist Feby and drummer Sony. The act was hell-bent on following on the footsteps of their Canadian and American death metal idols. Feby departed in December of 1996 however, and was replaced by Ewin who participated at several shows with Funeral Inception mainly playing cover versions. Ewin returned to his old band nine short months later and was, in turn, replaced by Mithos who switched over to bass guitar. The new line-up recorded its first tape entitled Promo Tape 98. One of the songs from the tape was later featured on the Brutally Sickness tape sampler issued by Indonesia's ESP Production. The demo was further reissued by the Rio-owned Rottrevore Records in 1999. The band was also heard on Razorback Records' second compilation CD.

The band recorded its first professional demo entitled Stench Of Your Perversion in June of 1999. The new six songs featured a more brutal Funeral Inception. The demo was to be re-released as a MCD in 2002 by Fetal Tampon Disease Records in 2001. Still, Ipank had left the fold soon after the demo's completion in order to concentrate on his day job.

Another MCD, called Blood Driven Vehemence, was issued by Uxicon Records in 2002. There was two-year delay in the album's release. The band had nevertheless signed a deal with France's Warpath Records which released the band's debut full-length in the autumn of 2002. The band changed its moniker at this point. The one-album deal was actually earlier offered to Bloody Gore by Warpath. The recording was completed in Palu Studio, engineered by Nanang, in Jakarta on May 27th through May the 30th of 2002. Earlier Indonesia's Rottrevore Records had released the album on tape in Indonesia. H.A.T.E. stood for Heathen Against Terrorizing Entities. The Unbroken Legion was a 2016 EP.

Children Of Hell is a black metal band. The band’s monicker came from a Suffocation song. Rio, the owner of Rottrevore, died in 2011. Sasa joined in 2016.


Indonesia's Funeral Inception, known to underground dwellers until recently as Bloody Gore, is a slash and burn-style death metal band following in the steps of its progenitors. The brutal quartet does throw in the odd technical passage, but more often than not the band is after the jugular with its Disgorge-meets-Deeds Of Flesh-meets-Suffocation attack. The speed varies between the mid-paced and fast and the sound is good.
Funeral Inception is not about to introduce anything new unto the scene, but does what it does well and, what the hell, fans of death metal will be smiling as they crank this up! - Ali "The Metallian"


Funeral Inception