Koude Haat – 2004 – Daimonion/Death To Mankind
Nexion Xul - The Cursed Bloodline – 2007 - Sadolust
Sinister Creed – 2018 - Avantgarde
Essence – 2021 - Avantgarde

S= Inferi, Domini Inferi, Haatstrijd>>HELLCHRIST XUL [MAURITS JANSEN]>>Inferi, Domini Inferi, Haatstrijd

This black metal group was founded as early as 1991. Past a rehearsal in 1992, there was a La Majeste Infernable demo in 1993. Resurrection... came in 1994. Pagan Records of Poland distributed it. Black Arts also issued the Thy Eternal Flame 7”. A 1995 VHS tape was called Live In Poland and was recorded in 1994 at Strashydto Festival. Kat and Vader were also on the bill at this show. Warmaster Records issued a split for the band and Japan’s Abigail. This lead to a period of quiet, which was broken by the 1998 full-length Godslayer Xul. In fact, an album on the Austria-based label Lethal Records (Miasma) was due in 1995. Hellchrist Xul was reportedly arrested for a manslaughter attempt, which broke the band up and together with Lethal Records’ bankruptcy caused a delay of three years before Daimonion Records released Godslayer XUL in 1998. More promotional demos preceded the 2004 album Koude Haat. The band claimed Unisound Records of Greece bootlegged and ripped it off at this juncture. Hellchrist Xul’s Funeral Winds has an album called Sinister Creed through Avantgarde Music in 2018.

Many members came and went, and in fact the members became Liar Of Golgotha, but Hellchrist Xul has been the one constant. Most members were from the Xul family.



Funeral Winds