Creative Sickness>>FUNERUS - USA

Festering Earth - 2003 - Ibex Moon
Reduced To Sludge - 2011 - Ibex Moon

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S= Brad Heiple>>Abysme - JILL MCENTEE
G= Brad Heiple>>Abysme - Revenant, Immolation, Hexes, Mortician, Goreaphobia, Incantation>>JOHN MCENTEE>>Incantation
D= Divine Eve, Acheron, Incantation, Wolfen Society>>Kyle Severn>>Acheron, Incantation, Vital Remains, Wolfen Society - Morpheus, Morpheus Descends, Mortician, Undivided, Deadspeak>>SAM INZERRA>>Deadspeak

Death/doom band Funerus was originally formed in 1990 as a grindcore act and only later showed similarities to Incantation. No wonder, John McEntee of Incantation would later marry Jill Daily of Funerus. The band issued the Utter Dismemberment demo in 1991 and received some underground attention. The band was Brad Heiple and Jason Foust at this time. Heiple would leave in 2003 coinciding with the release of the band’s debut by John McEntee’s Ibex Moon imprint. He had already left, or lost touch, in 1994 after becoming disenchanted with metal and only rejoined the group in 2002. In the meantime, the band had issued the Dismembered Again demo and a couple of rehearsals. After some 13 years of inactivity, on the 21st of November 1998 the band hopped on stage again at the Boratkos Tavern in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The band was vocalist Jim Deabenderfer (Cardiac Arrest..), guitarist Belial Koblak (Incantation, Acheron, Warkult..), bassist Jill McEntee and drummer Chris Allen.

The band played several shows in Europe in 2010. Two years earlier the band had also been to Japan, but otherwise Funerus had been quiet. In late 2011, Funerus returned with an album called Reduced To Sludge. This eleven-track album was the second release from the Pennsylvania/New York based death metal band that featured Incantation guitarist John McEntee, bassist/vocalist Jill McEntee and drummer Sam Inzerra (Mortician and Morpheus Descends). The album was also engineered by Sam Inzerra, Jim Roe and John McEntee. It was out through Ibex moon in late November. The band had obviously both played one-off shows and toured with Incantation.