Funny Money - 1998 - Kivel
Back Again - 2000 - Kivel
Even Better...Live! - 2001 - Kivel
Stick It! - 2006 - Independent

Funny$Money image
S= The Generators, The Shooze, Kix>>STEVE WHITEMAN

G= DEAN C. CRAMER - The Tragics, Brian Jack & Company>>William Andrews III>>The Tragics - ROB GALPIN

B= Burning Starr, Monarch, Rag Doll, Brian Jack & Company>>Ned Meloni - MARK SCHENKER

D= Maximum Force, Simon Impostors, Tubefreaks, Swinging Dix>>Geoff T. Burell - JIMMY CHALFANT

History & Biography
With their green logo adorned with a Dollar sign one would be forgiven for mistaking this mob for a hip hop band. No such misfortune; Funny$money is a hard rock act.

Formed by the ex-Kix singer Steve Whiteman as a part time affair in 1996, Funny Money is in the same vein as Kix and even covers Kix songs live. Ned, Billy and Geoff departed the band in September of 2002.

Despite rumours of disbandment, the band was billed as the opener for Kix on a late 2003 show in Maryland. The band issued a demo called Skin To Skin featuring guest appearances by former Kix mates Jimmy Chalfant and Ronnie Younkins. Back Again was released, with extra tracks, in the summer of 2004 by Perris Records. Stick It! Was mixed by producer Beau Hill who had also produced the KIX album Midnite Dynamite. The band signed to Perris Records in 2007. The label began re-releasing the group’s catalogue.