Primal Touch - 1993 - C.B.O.D.
Eclipse - 1996 - Euphonious
Roll The Dice - 1999 - Season Of Mist
Decade At War - 2020 - Massacre

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Lars Schmidt>>Konkhra - Konkhra>>LARS SCHMIDT>>Konkhra

Battalion>>Lars Schmidt>>Konkhra - Lars Schmidt - Human Factor, Konkhra>>Lars Mayland>>Konkhra, Daemon, Red Warszawa - Jackal, GSA, Thrash Of The Titans, Artillery>>RENÉ LOUA>>Artillery - Lucid Legend, SickOmania>>Daniel Steely>>SickOmania

Battalion>>Kaare Strøm-Hansen - Harlot, The Charlies, Gutrix, Zoser Mez, Jackal>>Claus Weiergang>>Evil, Breakin' The Law, M.I.R. - Konkhra, Falling Hazard>>LARS SCHMIDT>>Falling Hazard

Force Majeure, Apocalypse, Crime Academy, Mercyful Fate, Zoser Mez, Shermann Soldiers>>Morten Nielsen>>Shermann Soldiers, Steene - Hellraiser, Detest, Dominus, Thrash Of The Titans, Metallica Jam>>BRIAN ANDERSEN>>Metallica Jam

History & Biography
Based out of Copenhagen and formed by singer Klaus "Hyr" Hansen and Lars Schmidt circa 1988, They had come from the band Battalion. Furious Trauma (ouch!) was initially a death metal act but transitioned to thrash metal. A demo was released in 1988 and called Tempora Mutantur. This was supported through a tour of Denmark dubbed Slow Death Factory Tour with Hellraiser, Mental Decay and God BC in 1988.

The debut record was supported through shows with Kreator, Jingo De Lunch and others. Schmidt took off to Konkhra, where he played bass, and Nielsen of Mercyful Fate fame was recruited for the second album. A 1996 EP called Strange Ways featured a couple of covers. Roll The Dice sees a guest performance by Andy LaRocque and approximated Motörhead.

The band reappeared in 2020. It had reformed several years earlier with Schmidt on bass and vocals. Daniel Steely was the second guitarist. It was on Massacre Records as of 2020 two years after the band recorded the album independently. The record, entitled Decade At War, contained a couple of self-cover versions. Steely left in 2023 and was replaced by Michael Larsen formerly of Black Succubi.



Furious Trauma