Primal Touch - 1993 - C.B.O.D.
Eclipse - 1996 - Euphonious
Roll The Dice - 1999 - Season Of Mist

Furious Trauma image
S= Lars Schmidt>>Konkhra - Konkhra>>LARS SCHMIDT>>Konkhra
G= Lars Schmidt>>Konkhra - Konkhra>>LARS SCHMIDT>>Konkhra - Konkhra>>LARS MAYLAND>>Daemon
B= Karre Strøm Hansen - Gutrix, Zoser Mez, Jackal>>CLAUS WEIERGANG
D= Mercyful Fate, Zoser Mez, Shermann Soldiers>>Morten Nielsen

Based out of Copenhagen and formed circa 1988, Furious Trauma (ouch!) was initially a death metal act but transitioned to thrash metal. A demo was released in 1988 and called Tempora Mutantur. The debut was supported through shows with Kreator , Jingo De Lunch and others. Schmidt took off to Konkhra, where he played bass, and Nielsen of Mercyful Fate fame was recruited for the second album. A 1996 EP called Strange Ways featured a couple of covers. Roll The Dice sees a guest performance by Andy LaRocque and approximated Motörhead.



Furious Trauma