Galactic Cowboys - 1991 - Geffen
Space In Your Face - 1993 - Geffen
Machine Fish - 1996 - Metal Blade
The Horse That Bud Bought - 1997 - Metal Blade
At The End Of The Day - 1998 - Metal Blade
Let It Go - 2000 - Metal Blade


S= BEN HUGGINS - Awful Truth, Crunchy>>MONTY COLVIN>>Crunchy
G= Dane Sonnier>>Atomic Opera, The Sonnier Brothers Band - WALLY FARKAS
B= Awful Truth>>MONTY COLVIN>>Crunchy
D= Awful Truth>>Alan Doss - King's X, Poundhound>>Jerry Gaskill>>King's X, Poundhound


Galactic Cowboys, whose name is a nod to NASA's and cowboys' presence in the band's home state of Texas, was a Christian hard rock band with more critical acclaim than sales. The band managed to veer between commercialism and progressiveness during its career.

Galactic Cowboys was first heard through the Why Can't You Believe In Me demo of 1989. This demo led to a major recording contract with Geffen. The band opened for King's X and Dream Theater. Yet, and for the aforementioned reasons, the act was dropped following Space In Your Face and migrated to Metal Blade - not before losing a guitarist and splitting for a short period however. Coincidentally the pre-Galactic Cowboys band Awful Truth had an album on Metal Blade in 1989.

The band called it a day in early 2000. The band members were critical of Metal Blade. Colvin formed a band called Crunchy and Huggins became a soundman. Incidentally, Huggins is related to Eric Singer of Kiss.

Texas-based band Galactic Cowboys reunited in the spring of 2009 for three concerts that August in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.



Galactic Cowboys