Galmet image
S= Lujaneeza>>MIKI>>Lujaneeza, The Otome, Always There
G= AYANO – Eis, Aldious, Mellow>>’HIME’ RUKI>>Erebos
B= Aldious>>Sawa>>Aldious, The Otome
D= Idyako>>Hina, Fate Gear

Galmet was born in Osaka, the commercial capital of Japan, in 2006. The Lovemet demo of 2009 featured three songs and sported a pink cover. The inaugural line-up was singer Miki, guitarists Ruki and Ayano, bassist Sawa and drummer Idyako. The Hellmet full-length demo followed in 2010. A live DVD appeared in 2011 (no 'met' here). To close 2011 and send it to abyss the band issued an EP called Rebirth With You. Rebirth came with a video clip. Drummer Chiiko of instrumental act D-Drive was a live guest in 2014 as Idyako had left to Hina. The group was about to travel to Europe for a tour in 2015 when the singer Miki caught the flu and was not to travel. The band proceeded without a singer or bassist and played as a trio. The tattooed guitarist Ayano did some vocals. Bassist Ama had quit in January and played on for several shows in Japan only. The band played in Europe, this time as a quartet, in 2016. The band had a 2016 demo called Unlimited World. E-Chang was on drums replacing Chiiko and Isyako. The group travelled to Europe again in early 2017. Guest bassist was Notty who had joined in 2016. The band was on hiatus next in 2017, which is Japanese for disbandment. Drummer Idyako joined Fate Gear for its spring 2022 tour of Europe.

Galmet played a more extreme brand of metal than many of the other Japanese girl metal bands.