The Flag Of Punishment – 2003 – VAP
Advance to The Fall – 2005 – VAP
Beyond The End Of Despair… – 2006 – VAP
One For All – All For One – 2007 – VAP
Reincarnation – 2008 – VAP
Resurrection – 2010 – VAP
Phoenix Rising – 2011 – VAP
Angel Of Salvation – 2012 – VAP
The Ironhearted Flag Vol. 1: Regeneration Side – 2013 – VAP
The Ironhearted Flag Vol. 2: Reformation Side – 2014 – VAP
Vetelgyus – 2014 - VAP
Under The Force Of Courage – 2015 – VAP
Ultimate Sacrifice – 2017 – Warner
Into The Purgatory – 2019 - Warner
Union Gives Strength – 2021 - Warner

S= Gunbridge, River End, AxBites, Rekion>>Yama-B [Masahiro Yamaguchi]>>Gunbridge, AxBites, Rekion, Solo, Ministrelix, Iron Spawn, Melodius Deite – Fortbragg, Solo>>MASATOSHI “SHO” ONO>>Solo
G= Cross Large, Valkyr, Animetal, Aushvitz, Spinalcord, Solo>>SYU [SHUSUKE UEDA]>>Valkyr, Animetal, Aushvitz, Spinalcord, Solo
B= Aushvitz, Apsalus>>Tsui [Ryosuke Matsui]>>Aushvitz, Fluorite, Apsalus, AxBites, Aredreds, Innocent Material – Crimson Head, Grave Seed>>Yuto>>Grave Seed, Deluhi, Undivide, Far East Dizain - TAKA
D= Atlantis, Mephistopheles, Animetal, Concerto Moon, Spinalcord>>Junichi Sato>>Mephistopheles, Animetal, Concerto Moon, Spinalcord – Hizaki, Fluorite, Undead Corporation, Thousand Eyes>>Fumiya [Fumiya Morishita]>>Hizaki, Undead Corporation, Thousand Eyes, Unlucky Morpheus – Revoldia>>LEA
K= Castle In The Air, Prophesia, Masatoshi Ono, Ark Storm, Alhambra, Yuhkinen, Destinia>>YUHKI [YUKI NAKAJIMA]>>Prophesia, Masatoshi Ono, Ark Storm, Alhambra, Yuhkinen, Destinia

Galneryus is another of the shred pomp bands from Japan. The group originated in okonomiyaki land before decamping to monjayaki realm. The act likes ‘united’ (2021 EP: Union Gives Strength) and ‘flag’ (at least seven releases contain the word ‘flag’) very much so its first demo from 2001 was called United Flag. The band was singer Yama-B (of Gunbridge), guitarist Syu, Toshihiro Yui on the drums and A on keyboards although the last two were additions. The band wore armour and other costumes. The visual-kei band Valkyr ended as Galneryus got off the ground. Syu had heard Yama-B on the radio and sought him out. The band opened for Concerto Moon, Mastermind, Fairy Mirror and others. Next came a single called Rebel Flag. VAP, which worked with Concerto Moon and the guitarist’s later band Animetal, released the band’s debut album The Flag Of Punishment in 2003. The band played at the Melodic metal festival in Japan. The One For All – All For One seemed disingenuous given the arrival of new bassist Yuto and departure of Tsui who was in AxBites with Yama-B. The band contributed music to the Rin: Daughters Of Mnemosyne anime. Yama-B left the act following Reincarnation and two covers’ EPs, which barely broke the band’s stride as annual albums remained the norm almost. With that said the Ironhearted Flag CD/DVD packages were re-recordings with new vocals. They would chart in Japan. Sho’s arrival coincided with more Japanese lyrics. Earlier and in 2009 the new line-up had appeared at Loud Park. Keyboardist Yuhki contributed to several Aldious’ members at this juncture and would also pitch on former Aldious singer Rami’s 2016 album. Angel Of Salvation charted in Japan. The band toured Germany in 2014. Ultimate Sacrifice saw the band migrate to Warner from VAP. Moreover, the band had Fumiya on drums now. The band played at Pure Rock Japan again in 2017. The group travelled to the USA to play at ProgPower in 2019. He did not last and Lea (who was a man) joined in 2020.

The band’s first three albums tell the tale of a heroic figure called Galneri. Under The Force of Courage was also a themed album. The cover artwork was designed by Yoshitaka Amano who had designed Final Fantasy XIII.

Spinalcord is the follow-up project to Aushvitz. Syu has a solo project.