Two Feet Stand - 1997 - Listenable
Soulburner - 1999 - Nuclear Blast
Sindustries - 2000 - Nuclear Blast

Gardenian image
Grind, Irminsul, Pitchline, Hera>>JIM KJELL>>Pitchline, Hera, Irminsul

Irminsul>>JIM KJELL>>Irminsul - Sarcazm, Idiots Rule, In Flames, Passenger, Irminsul - Engel>>NICLAS ENGELIN>>In Flames, Passenger, Engel, The Halo Effect

Headplate>>Hakan Skoger>>Headplate, Passenger, In Flames - Sarcazm>>Kriss Albertsson

Within Y, Grindnecks>>THIM BLOM>>Within Y, Grindnecks, Crawl Back to Zero

History & Biography
Gardenian is a Gothenburg band formed in 1996 by Thim Blom and Jim Kjell. Encompassing the Gothenburg sound, the band recorded a rehearsal tape and got immediate interest from Listenable Records in France. December of 1996 had the band in Studio Fredman and no later than May of 1997 brought the Two Feet Stand album. The band recorded a cover song of Mercyful Fate, records another demo and sadly saw the opportunity to open for other bands like Arch Enemy and Cannibal Corpse come to naught as Listenable had little money for tour support. Engelin toured with In Flames for the Whoracle album and the band and label began the end of their relationship. The band split up. More than a year later with Skoger gone, Engelin's In Flames connection paid off and the band signed with Nuclear Blast. The band entered the studio in January of 1999 and quickly imported Artch singer Erikur Hawksson to do the normal vocals, which Kjell could not handle. Also new to the band was Albertsson who played with Engelin in Sarcazm. To support the album, Nuclear Blast placed the band on the Nuclear Blast Festival III tour alongside Hypocrisy, Brimstone and others. This was followed by another tour with country-mates In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and others. A tour of Poland was not as successful and the band began recording at The Abyss Studio with Peter Tagtgren. Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity designed the artwork. Sindustries appeared in October of 2000 and with NB not seeing a future for the band, Gardenian was not only not given tour support but was also dropped from the label. Despite the label problem and a throat surgery on Kjrell at this time the band was not splitting and in fact recorded new songs later as the search for a label continued. The band, in fact, splintered. Engelin rejoined In Flames in 2006 in order to fill in for guitarist Jesper Strömblad who was not touring due to personal problems. Engelin formed Engel. Former Gardenian/Pitchline man Jim Kjell resurrected his Hera project in September of 2010. The band reunited in 2012 to play the Gotheburg Sound Festival of 2013 and decided to give it another go. Hera was seeking a singer and musicians. The band definitively broke up in 2016 and Skoger became In Flames touring bassist.