Oracle Moon - 2000 - Wicked World

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S= Chad
G= BRIAN - Biovore>>MARY
B= Sadistic Torment>>Sean Beasely>>Dying Fetus
D= Sadistic Torment>>Brett O Conner>>Engorge

Funeral Opera, featuring Brian, Chad and Scott, was formed in 1995 and recorded a demo. Mary, who attended college with Chad, joined a year later and the band released the Heart Of The Corona demo. The demo was released on CD by X-Rated Records following which Scott leaves. Soon after Mary joined the band changed its moniker.
The band signed with Wicked World and played the Brutal Assault Open Air Festival in the Czech Republic in 1999 before releasing the debut. Oracle Moon was self-produced and mostly recorded at a home studio. A tour with Vader across the USA was inexplicably cancelled and the band lost bassist Sean for the second time. Her joined Dying Fetus.
Chad was replaced by female vocalist Zdenka in the spring of 2002.


I did not hear the band's demo, or its CD version on X-Rated Records, but these Americans definitely do what they do well. While certainly not the stuff of 'metal' legends, GoS display a penchant for composition and delivery of 'atmospheric' metal which sounds like a cross between the maneuvers of My Dying Bride and Phlebotomized and the fret play of Crypt of Kerberos. The vocals can be deep and growly, but the music can be both metallic and mournful. The sound is exceptionally good here, and all instruments shine thoroughly. Unfortunately that includes the keyboards. Still for fans of the above-named bands and styles, there is a lot here to chew on (such as the combination of the fast drums and slow guitar melody on Dissolution of the Forms) and that includes a beautifully somber cover art. - Ali "The Metallian"


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