Grinding Stone - 1973 - CBS
Dirty Fingers - 1978 - Jet
Back on the Streets - 1978 - MCA
Corridors Of Power - 1982 - Virgin
Victims Of The Future - 1983 - Virgin
Rockin' Every Night - 1983 - Virgin
We Want Moore - 1984 - 10
Run For Cover - 1985 - 10
Wild Frontier - 1987 - Virgin
After The War - 1989 - Virgin
Still Got The Blues - 1990 - Virgin
After Hours - 1992 - Virgin
Blues Alive - 1993 - Virgin
Blues For Greeny - 1995 - Virgin
Dark Days in Paradise - 1997 - Virgin
A Different Beat - 1999 - Castle
Back To The Blues - 2001 - Sanctuary
Scars - 2002 - Sanctuary
Live At Monsters Of Rock - 2003 - JVC
Power Of The Blues - 2004 - Sanctuary
Close As You Get - 2007 - Eagle Rock
Bad For You Baby - 2008 - Eagle Rock
Live At Montreux 2010 - 2010 - Eagle Rock
Blues For Jimi - 2012 - Eagle Rock
Live At Bush Hall 2007 - 2014 - Eagle Rock
Live From London – 2019 – Mascot
How Blue Can You Get – 2021 - Mascot

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S= Skid Row, Colosseum, Dr. Strangely Strange, Thin Lizzy, G-Force, Greg Lake, BBM, Scars>>GARY MOORE>>Thin Lizzy, BBM, Scars

G= Skid Row, Colosseum, Strangely Strange, Thin Lizzy, G-Force, Greg Lake, BBM>>GARY MOORE>>Thin Lizzy, BBM



History & Biography
Gary Moore is the famed Irish guitarist/singer whose output spans over three decades. He was born in Belfast on April 4th 1954. His earlier bands of note were Skid Row and Colosseum before he joined and rejoined Thin Lizzy.

He seemed to have patched things up with Phil Lynott towards the end although he had earlier pulled out of a Thin Lizzy US tour at the last minute. Lynott was also a member of the Gary Moore band for a short while.

Eventually upon forging definitively on his own, singers like Charlie Huhn and John Sloman came and went. Former MSG singer Gary Barden also joined the band for a short while, although Moore eventually forged ahead with his role as the singer of the band.

Gary Moore has contributed to numerous albums as a session player and been experimenting with blues, Celtic and rock music. His most relevant material, to metal fans, is his early 80's work on albums like Corridors Of Power and Victims Of The Future. Gary Moore has played far and wide and supported bands as diverse as Rush before headlining on his own.

Moore signed with Virgin Records' subsidiary in 1982. The new line-up featured ex-Deep Purple skinsman Ian Paice, bassist Neil Murray, keyboardist Tommy Eyre and backing singer Charlie Huhn. Corridors Of Power was the successful result and featured a song sung by Jack Bruce. The album's name was inspired by the book of author C.P. Snow. The band performed at the Reading Festival in August. By the end of the year the band featured Don Airey and singer John Sloman. Victims Of The Future introduced former Wild Horses keyboardist Neil Carter. The 1984 world tour meant more lineup changes. Bassist Craig Gruber and drummer Bobby Chouinard were now part of the fold. This line-up recorded We Want Moore, which was a double album and charted in the UK Top-10. At the end of 1984 Gary Moore performed for the first time in years in Ireland. The band also took advantage of its gig and shot a video for Emerald Isle. Glenn Hughes was in and out of the band long enough to record bass for Run For Cover. Much interpersonal fighting ended Hughes' association with Moore and he flew to the USA to become a solo artist. Moore still had Phil Lynott in tow for this album and tour.

The band was part of the classic Monsters Of Rock Festival of 1984 with AC/DC, Van Halen and Ozzy Osbourne among others. At various times the members of Gary Moore have been Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple/Trapeze, Bob Daisley of Rainbow/Whitesnake, Ian Paice of Deep Purple/Rainbow and Cozy Powell of MSG/Black Sabbath, etc. In fact, Moore and Lynott scored a successful hit single and video in 1985 for the song Out In The Fields. This, arguably, was the last release of interest to metal fans as subsequent work veered towards the aforementioned other styles.

Gary Moore had another successful hit with the song Ready For Love in 1989. During this period, Moore's European shows were drawing 10,000 people on average.

In January of 2002 Moore was the host of a BBC Radio documentary on Jimi Hendrix. In mid-2002, Moore formed a new act called Scars with Skunk Anansie's bassist Cass Lewis and Primal Scream's drummer Darrin Mooney. Gary Moore hit the road in 2002 supporting ZZ Top. Moore was the opening act for B.B. King at a series of shows in 2006 dubbed as B.B.'s Farewell U.K. Tour. His follow-up to 2007’s Close As You Get was out in November, 2008 through Eagle Records. It was called Bad For You Baby. Moore’s Essential Montreux 5 CD Set was out in the summer of 2009 through Eagle. Much of the material had been issued in audio or video format previously.

Gary Moore died in February of 2011 in Spain of a reported heart attack. Moore was buried near Brighton, England where he lived. Eagle Vision issued Live At Montreux 2010 on DVD and CD in September. According to a new report in the UK’s The Telegraph tabloid, guitarist Gary Moore suffered a heart attack due to a massive amount of alcohol he had imbibed prior to being found dead in bed at a luxury Costa del Sol hotel. Eagle Rock Entertainment announced September 25th, 2012 as the release date for a Gary Moore CD and DVD entitled Blues For Jimi. Gary Moore played Jimi Hendrix songs. Eagle Records would issue Live At Bush Hall 2007 album on September 23, 2014. This show was recorded at London's Bush Hall on May 17th, 2007 and broadcast by Planet Rock radio. A live recording stemming from 2009 was called Live From London and was issued by Provogue/Mascot. Mascot would also issue a new album featuring previously unreleased material by Gary Moore in 2021. How Blue Can You Get contained eight tracks.



Gary Moore