Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness [The Second Spell] - 1996 - Cacophonous
Malice - 1996 - Cacophonous
Adimiron Black - 1998 - Moonfog
Murder - 2000 - Moonfog
WW - 2005 - Moonfog

Gehenna image

Forlorn>>SANRABB [S. Aske]>>Forlorn - Dolgar>>Forlorn

Svartalv - Noctifer - 122-Stabwounds>>E.N. Death - DOLGAR (STEFFEN SIMESTAD)

Sir Vereda - Emperor, Enslaved>>Dirge Rep [Per Husebo]>>Emperor, Enslaved, Aura Noir, Orcustus - Infest, Forlorn, 122-Stabwounds, Tsjuder>>Blod [Jan Egil Fosse]>>Forlorn, 122-Stabwounds, Tsjuder - Emperor, Enslaved, Aura Noir, Orcustus, Craft, Nettlecarrier>>DIRGE REP [PER HUSEBO]>>Emperor, Enslaved, Aura Noir, Orcustus, Craft, Nettlecarrier

Sarcanna - Pentinent, Vindsval>>Damien [Asbjorn Beyer Log] - Kine

History & Biography
The Norwegian black metallers' first release was the Black Seared Heart demo of 1993, which was recorded at the Soundsuite Studio. A drummer called drummer Sir Vereda was part of the line-up, as were Dolgar and Sanrabb. The Dutch Necromantic Gallery Productions releases a 7" entitled Ancestors of The Darkly Sky based on this demo. Dirge Rep joins the band as Sir Vereda is incarcerated. The First Spell EP appeared in 1994 through Head Not Found. It was also recorded at Soundsuite Studio. Keyboardist Sarcanna had joined Gehenna just prior to this EP. She would contribute more to the band's song-writing on The Second Spell as a result.

Noctifer replaced Svartalv in 1996 and Sanrabb released a CD through Head Not Found Records for his other act. Svartalv had moved to Oslo and would join Nokturnal Breed. Blod, also of Forlorn later, joins in 1998 and is followed by Damien. Dirge Rep had left the band due to personal differences with Sanrabb. Dolgar is out in 2001.

By the time Murder was released, a whole set of new members were introduced and Gehenna had virtually become Aske's side project.

Black Seared Heart is a compilation of early recordings which was released to the public in 1998. This material was initially meant to be the band's debut album - a project which the band had cancelled. Dirge Rep returned in 2007 and Gehenna signed with Indie Records. Nevertheless, Dirge quickly added the name Craft to his long drumming résumé.