Depression - 1990 - Heavy Metal Maniac
Hoctaedrom - 1993 - Hellion
Posthumous - 1996 - Primal
Rebellion - 2001 - Destroyer
The Clan - 2010 - Voice
In Love With Hatred - 2013 - Urubuz
Under Heaven None - 2017 - Urubuz

Genocidio image
MARCAO M - Apoleon, The Celllts, Mastiff, BHell>>MURILLO LEITE>>Apoleon, The Cellts, Mastiff, BHell

W. Perna [Wanderley Perna] - Apoleon, The Celllts, Mastiff>>MURILLO LEITE>>Apoleon, The Cellts, Mastiff - Wombat, Mastiff>>Dennis Decurion>>Are You God?, Reviolence - Darkness In Flames, The Anger, Invaders>>Rafael Orsi>>Darkness In Flames, The Anger, Reffugo, Crucifixion BR, Malevolent Age

Marcão M [Marco Masiero]>>Amazarak - Daniel>>The Cellts - W. PERNA [WANDERLEY PERNA]

E Juma [Juma Venturini]>>The Cellts - Alexandre - Apoleon, Pigmachine>>Fábio Moysés>>Mastiff, Insanitah, Chaosfear, Malevolent Age - Arum, Darkness In Flames, Scars, Eternal Malediction, Hevilan>>João Gobo>>Arum, Darkness In Flames, Scars, Eternal Malediction

History & Biography
The band was founded in 1986. Genocidio is a death/doom metal band which preceded its debut full-length album with a self-titled MLP in 1988 and two live tapes.
The band has performed live with bands like Torture Squad, Syndrome Of Terror and Centennial in Brazil. In the meantime, several members founded a gothic doom band called The Cellts in 1997, which was short-lived. Genocidio returned in 2001 with a new album and a new label. Rebellion featured a cover of Napalm Death's Social Sterility. The band's line-up became fluid and, especially, many drummers came and went. W. Perna switched from guitar to bass at this juncture. He had lost a finger in an accident. The Hiatus EP appropriately appeared in 2007. The Probations Live DVD of 2008 featured material from 2006. Former bassist Daniel died of a heart attack in 2010. Guitarist Wellington Simões joined in 2019. The Ancestors compilation of 2021 featured cover versions only. It came as the band commemorated its 35th anniversary. Levi Tavares became the new drummer in 2022.

The band bills itself as the first extreme metal act from São Paulo.