G-FORCE - 1980 - JET

G-Force image
S= Jack Bruce, Hunger, The Touch, Truk, Jan Akkerman, Joachim Kühn Band, Captain Beyond, Pipedream>>WILLIE DEE [WILLY DUFFERN]>>Philip Lynott, Willie Dee, ZoomlenZ
G= Skidrow, Colosseum, Thin Lizzy, Dr. Strangely Strange>>GARY MOORE>>Greg Lake Band, Gary Moore, BBM, Scars
B= Motortown Revue, Tony Williams, Little Walter, John Lee Hooker, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin>>TONY NEWTON
D= Elf, Thin Lizzy, Ian Gillan Band>>MARK NAUSEEF

Ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore formed G-Force where he finally exercised control over his destiny. Having quit the more famous band, Moore moved to Los Angeles, recruited a new line-up and recorded an album. Newton was a Motown artist. Former Deep Purple man Glenn Hughes was initially given the vocalist and bassist spots, but left due to excessive drinking and fighting Moore. Jet Records issued the album, before Moore moved on to Greg Lake Band in 1981. Chris Tsangarides produced the sole album.

Willie Dee was an alias for Willy Dufferin. Dufferin's first band Hunger had also renamed itself The Touch for one release. Drummer Mark Nauseef had introduced him to Moore.

The band toured with Whitesnake in the UK. The re-release of this album bears the title Gary Moore's G-Force. Don Airey was on keyboards and Tommy Aldridge on drums for the live work.