Metal Danger>>GHOST - POLAND

The Lost Of Mercy - 1994 - Loud Out

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S= Krzysztof Berlik - DARIUSZ ENGLER

G= DARIUSZ ENGLER - Roman Pegza – Fading, Dark Legion, Grin, Trauma>>KRZYSZTOF "DZIADEK" DOBROWOLSKI>>Grin, Trauma

B= Enterprise>>Mieczyslaw Klimek>>Enterprise, Grin, Syper Force - KRZYSZTOF ENGLER

D= Metal Rain, Grin>>Krzysztof Jankowski>>Enterprise, Metal Rain, Grin, Syper-Force, Hell-born, Explozer, Insane Noise Creator

History & Biography
The death/thrash metal band Ghost was formed in 1988 and released the demo Noc Demona a year later. This already featured material from Ghost 1 and Ghost II tapes released in 1988 and 1989. Drummer Marek Szczabel had been replaced by Krzysztof Jankowski, Ghost toured the Baltic states. The band went on hiatus with its drummer in the army and returned in 1992. The band played for the likes of Samael, Kat and Vader releasing the Bad Obssesion tape through Carnage Records in 1993. This tape featured a new typography for the band's name yet again. A deal with the domestic label Loud Out followed. The album was issued in April of 1994. The act disbanded, but not before appearing at Metal Mania '94, Jarocin and Węgorzewo festivals.

A demo called Renown was released in 1998 after the band reunited in 1997. The line-up was Engler, Roman and Jankowski. They persuaded Berlik and Klimek to join a year later. The group disbanded again in 2002, but inevitably returned in 2016. In the meantime, the album and Renown demo were packaged as one and re-released by Thrashing Madness Productions with added live tracks in 2014. The same label re-issued the earlier demos and called it Bad Obsession. The new incarnation lacked a drummer and featured Krzysztof Engler on bass. Jankowski returned and the band toured with Grin in 2015. Former drummer Leszek "Inżynier" Breguła (also of Grin) died in an accident in 2015. Live guitarist Michał "Grall" Gralak left and former session guitarist Krzysztof “Dziadek” Dobrowolski (grin, Ropien, etc.) returned for shows in 2019. Regardless, the band was soon inactive again. Thrashing Madness Productions re-issued The Lost Of Mercy in 2022 with the renown demo and a DVD of live and rehearsal footage in 2022. Krzysztof Jankowski died in May 2022.