Haunting Remains - 2004 - Soundriot
Out For Blood - 2010 - Limb
Evil Undertow - 2015 - Pure Legend

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Burning Point>>Pete Ahonen>>Burning Point, Fire Action - Altaria, Hevinkelium, Kilpi>>TAPIO "TAAGE" LAIHO>>Hevinkelium, Kilpi

Burning Point, National Napalm Syndicate, Stargazery>>PETE AHONEN>>Burning Point, National Napalm Syndicate, Stargazery – Wildcard>>Mikko Myllylä>>Wildcard

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Dolorian, Sphere, Wildcard, Burning Point, Devilsent, King's Ruin>>Jussi Ontero>>Dolorian, Wildcard, Burning Point, Devilsent, King's Ruin, Death's-head And The Space Allusion

History & Biography
The Finnish Classical/power metal band was formed around Burning Point man Ahonen in 2002 as a vehicle for songs not suitable for his main act. In September 2003 they recorded a promo-CD with 5 tracks. The band signed to Soundriot in November of that year for two records. The debut album was recorded during a couple of different sessions at Tonebox Studios. The album was issued October 11, 2004.

The band reappeared in 2010 and signed a worldwide deal with Limb Music. The band's second album, Out For Blood, was out in the autumn. Tapio "Taage" Laiho had taken over the vocals. Drummer Ilkka "Ike" Leskelä came onboard in 2018. The band was recording new material in 2021, but no label was forthcoming. The band was forthcoming again that it was in search for a label still in 2022.


Ghost Machinery is the band and side-project of Pete Ahonen of Burning Point. The label and biography describe the band as 'power metal', but Haunting Remains is clearly melodic rock with an emphasis on neo-classical compositions and synthesisers. The album’s cover illustration would point at a metal band - say something in the style of King Diamond - but the band does not justify the title.
Not sure why the label has signed this mediocre band, but the songs are boring and mellow. The pianos and keyboards just make the matter worse. It is not as if the rest of the music and vocals have a point to make. Indeed, it is this type of project that contributes the most to the excess of bands on the scene. For example, the keyboard sound on Evil Within Us is quite immature, while Darkest Hour begins with a variation on the main riff of Cold As Ice by Foreigner. Dreamworld, the album’s sixth song, rips off Dylan’s Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. Sentenced’s Ville Laihiala appears on a cover of Gary Moore’s Out In The Field. All in all, Ghost Machinery is only for those into the softest of keyboard rock sounds. - Anna Tergel


Ghost Machinery