We Came For The Dead - 2002 - Razorback
Maniaxe - 2003 - Razorback
Splatterthrash – 2006 - Razorback
Transmission Zero – 2011 - Tankcrimes
Dungeon Bastards – 2016 - Tankcrimes
Live In The Flesh – 2021 - Tankcrimes

Ghoul image
S= Dekapitator, Impaled, Engorged, Necrosic>>DIGESTOR [SEAN MCGRATH]>>Impaled, Engorged, Necrosic – Ludicra, Exhumed, Impaled>>CREMATOR [ROSS SUBLETT]>>Impaled

G= Dekapitator, Impaled, Engorged, Necrosic>>DIGESTOR [SEAN MCGRATH]>>Impaled, Engorged, Necrosic – Insanity, Population Reduction, Vöetsek>>DISSECTOR [PETER SVOBODA]>>Vöetsek

B= Ludicra, Exhumed, Impaled>>CREMATOR [ROSS SUBLETT]>>Impaled

D= Impaled, Girth>>FERMENTOR [PEIJMAN KOURETCHIAN]>>Impaled, Girth

History & Biography
Ghoul is presumably a death/grind band from Creepsylvania tricked into a ten-year record deal by the corporate sharks at Razorback Records. In actuality, Ghoul is the members of Impaled having a little fun. The full-length was preceded by a demo. To illustrate the Americans were dubbed 'Euro-goregrind' upon formation.

Razorback issued a second album, entitled Maniaxe, in July of 2003. This album saw the exhumation of new Ghoul Dissector on vocals and guitars simultaneous to the introduction of a new member to Impaled.

The band announced an appearance live at the Maryland Deathfest in May of 2008. Also on the bill were the likes of Grave, Coffins, Disfear and Deranged. In 2015, the band released a new song for the ongoing soundtrack to Image Comics' The Humans graphic novel series. The song was available online from The Humans Soundcloud page. Ghoul would be recording a follow-up to the 2011 LP, Transmission Zero, for Tankcrimes Records in December of that year. In 2016, the ghouls released a flexi-single called Wall Of Death, which was recorded exclusively for Decibel's Flexi Series. The release served as a precursor to the band’s next full-length, which was set for release in the subsequent months through Tankcrimes. The band was touring Europe in the winter of 2017. Ill Bill and Ghoul had a split in 2018. The band released the Live In The Flesh album through Tankcrimes in October 2021. It was recorded live at the Oakland Metro Operahouse in 2018. Ghoul and Impaler had a concert in Mexico in December 2023. Municipal Waste announced the Brainsqueeze Tour of North America with Ghoul, Necrot and Dead Heat in February 2024. The band also had an EP called Noxious Concoctions.


Excellent! This stuff kicks the grave digger's ass. Ghoul is pure, down 'n dirty gore metal inspired by Impetigo, Autopsy and Carcass. The two singers vomit their intestines to sing this stuff for you and truly have produced the sound track to the ultimate graveyard party - where you will supply the meat. This is so far removed from being an intellectual challenge that can only end up being cranked loudly and at the detriment of the old lady living next door. Read this and tell me you haven't found the gift you really want to give your loved one the next time Valentine's Day rolls along: 'We are the things that go bump in the night, We are the shamblers that scurry from sight - We are bloodthirsty and graveyards we rule, We'll pick your bones clean because we are Ghoul'!!! Moreover you simply have to get this CD to read the account of how the band signed to Razorback on the track Soon, They'll Scream.

As much as Ghoul's music has the capacity to thrash, bash and entertain one with its razor sharp distortions, it is the band's lyrics that take the putrid cake. Maniaxe is Ghoul's second album and features the addition of second guitarist Dissector to the fold. The new ghoul adds to the band's sound which, in addition to the rest of the band's natural improvement, means a beefed up and brutally fast album. Yet, the lyrics to songs like Forbidden Crypts ("we smelled the greasepaint in the air/They stumbled into town last night completely unaware, Clad in shirts of mesh/and with mascara on their eyes, We saw a keyboard player/and we knew they had to die... They spoke Of Norway and the scene/The sound of laughing ghouls reverberated through the trees") or What A Wonderful World which is an amazing cover of the famous song ("I see babies die, I watch them decompose/They'll hurt much more than I'll never know, And I think to myself...what a wonderful world") or the hilarious narration of Ghoul Hunter truly make Maniaxe a value for any fan's money. The number of self-references, inside jokes about the scene, take-off graphics and clever insights on this album is plain incredible. Ghoul is Razorback's answer to Kiss. When will they be unmasked? Stay tuned. - Ali "The Metallian"

To be frank with you, when I agreed to Razorback Records' invitation to interview Ghoul there was no hint of into what I am getting myself. Expecting either a telephone call from one of the members or some form of written correspondence, imagine the surprise when Razorback revealed its plans to support the release of Ghoul's We Came For The Dead full length CD with a full court press junket. Taken aback and having arranged time off; with tickets in hand a select number of journalists were flown, courtesy of the label, to Creepsylvania to meet and greet the trio. One long flight, decrepit bus transfer and bumpy cart ride later six journalists and the promotional tour guide arrive at a local cemetery where the band were made available under the cover of the dark to meet the press. Absolutely refusing to touch the utterly gruesome 'catering', I find that Digestor (Blood Gargling, Axe Grinding and Grave Desecration) is assigned to me. With Cremator (Barfing, Burning And Bass Slaying) and Fermentor (Gunge Gurgling, Bile Brewing And Psychotic Thrashing) preoccupied with the other press-types, Ali "The Metallian" recorded the following chat. - 26.03.2002

Digestor, Thank you for inviting us into your underground abode. I am curious, can you explain to the readers by what process a Ghoul is born? How long have you particular Ghouls been a flock?
When a daddy loves a mommy very much they go to a room and lock the door and whisper secrets to each other and nine months later out comes baby. At least that's the way it was explained to me by the Dog Faced Boy at the carnival. Honestly, you're a grown man. You should know this by now. We've been playing music now for a few years, but we've been haunting the Graveyard here in Creepsylvania for much longer.

I dare not ask how much longer. What are your names all by yourselves? Have you ever been to your label's country?
Digestor, Fermentor, and Cremator. I don't see what you're getting at. We've never been to America and we never want to set foot in that bastion of Orange Julius and modular furniture.

It is reassuring to know Ghouls are not predisposed to travelling. Let me ask you about one of my favourite songs from your album. Soon, They'll Scream narrates the story of your signing to Razorback Records. Good narration too! How does a Razorback sign its section of a contract? Seeing that the album notes how Fermentor has lost fingers in an accident, how does Fermentor play the drums, er 'brews bile', if he has lost three fingers? Digestor does not miss a beat answering.
In answer to the first question: Very carefully. In answer to the second, we never said WHICH three fingers and we never said how many fingers Fermentor started out with. He's lost many more than that before, let me assure you.

It is good to see the misfortune has not ended his band, and other, activities. How do you do the Graveyard Mosh? Is it inspired by DRI?
It actually is, very good!! You start with a twist, a hula, and a lufberry circle and then it proceeds into all out thrashing and moshing. Of course to REALLY do the Graveyard Mosh one must be in a graveyard, preferably surrounded by exhumed corpses.

What is a Lufberry Circle?
A Lufberry Circle is a WWI tactic for fighters to divide the bigger bombers - a divide and conquer strategy.

Regarding Graveyard Mosh though, knowing where we actually are one can only shiver given that answer! You guys actually live in the underground. So what bands are 'hot' down here? And how do you Ghouls get music anyway??
We don't get much new music but Billy (Curio Shop Owner and label manager) has sent us some of his releases and we are quite pleased. This is the only reason we haven't made a real concerted effort to end his life by the way. Oh there were poison pen letters, the package with the cobra in it, and that box with a spring-loaded boxing glove, but those were mere practical jokes compared to what we could really do to him and his partner Jill. Musically we very much enjoy Haemmorhage, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Fuck...I'm Dead, Machetazo, Engorged, and older bands like DRI, Megadeth, Misfits, Metallica, Anthrax, SOD, Sacred Reich, etc. Usually the Curio Shop Owner supplies us with records but sometimes we dig through the dumpster behind the only record store in town Vlastof's Record Hut. I guess Mucky Pup's Can't You Take A Joke? isn't a big seller in Creepsylvania.

I will have to take your word for it. Speaking of your hometown, have you ever met the Tall Man while at work?
Hoo ha? I don't know this Tall Man. Is he with the government? Is he a social worker or something because that's one thing that scares even us.

Well, you can consider him a type of 'social worker'. Er, yes, moving on it is rumoured that you have attracted sponsorship for your instruments? Which companies do you endorse and why?
Well we play our own homemade instruments but we're talking to Flanellum Guitars, Furd Drums, and Schmelling Basses at the moment. They were awestruck by the talent and genius on our CD. I don't blame them, we're great.

Yes, ghoulishly great. You Ghouls have proven to me, tonight's catering aside, that you have an Epicurean mastery of the gourmet. How about a recipe or some nutritional advice for the fans?
Ok, ingredients: severed head, five eyeballs, two cups of blood, Rosemary, chopped onion, add blood, rosemary and onion in sauce pan and bring to a boil. Dice eyeballs and add them to boiling mixture. Bring down heat to a simmer and perform oral sex on yourself with severed head. Discard severed head. Simmer for 20 minutes until mixture resembles a black tarry mass. Throw the whole mess out and order out Chinese!

Chinese? Ghouls?? What are you saying?? I don't want to know! Do ghouls torture instruments in other musical endeavours?
No, being a Ghoul is a full time job.

With that said, seemingly catching a whiff in the air, Digestor suddenly leaps to his feet and scurries away. Fans can buy the We Came For The Dead CD at good Curio Shops.