Colours Of Life - 2000 - Brennus
3 Minutes Of Silence - 2004 - Brennus

Glenrock image
S= Peaceful Devils, Nitassina>>PHILIPPE SUAN

G= Duel>>MICHEL PAZGRAT>>Jaywalker Blues

B= Nitassina>>Philippe Suan - Memoria>>MARTIAL BOUCHER

D= Gauthier Desclaron - Fox>>MORAD DEHAS


History & Biography
The origin of Glenrock (named after a Scotch whisky) dates back to 1983 when Philippe Suan and Michel Pazgrat played in different bands in France's Ardennes region. Eventually they began working on old and new songs. The duo soon went separate ways, but came back together to form a new band in 1996. The band's drummer, Michel Henrot, was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1997. This put the band on hold. The new formation entered the studio in 1999 in order to record an album at P&F Studio. Glenrock split up in 2005.


Things will be different once I leverage my dominion of Metallian Towers into becoming Lord of all earth. I have absolutely no doubt that the world will be a better place including an improved heavy metal scene. My iron fist would teach mankind that keyboards have no place in the music of the gods. Flowers would blossom, non-believers would be crushed, no more wars would be fought for oil and all keyboardists would be assigned to somewhere they belong, namely the lobbies of posh hotels.
Glenrock - which has already disbanded by the way - is a pomp rock band with vestiges of hard rock. The emphasis is on melody and harmonic singing. The title track has harder parts and above average vocals, Tom Rock is different and interesting (compare with the song's English version later on the album) and No Concern Of Yours begins like a Van Halen strum, but songs like I'll Be There are weaker and even the song 3 Minutes Of Silence itself is riddled with blankets of keyboards. Notably, the songs sung in French flow better and, eschewing the singer's strong accent, come across as fun. They even remind me of Warning here and there. Ultimately though, the experience is unremarkable. There is not enough goodness here as the band allows precious minutes to be filled with indifferent music. - Ali "The Metallian"