Blood, Monsters, Darkness - 1998 - Holy
Life? - 2000 - Holy
Written In Blood - 2001 - Holy
The Grand Hammering - 2004 - Holy
Under The Spell Of The Unlight - 2008 - Anticulture
The Age Of Aquarius – 2016 - Satanath

Gloomy Grim image
S= Thy Serpent, Airdash, Nomicon, Walhalla, Soulgrind>>AGATHON [JUHA HINTIKKA]>>Nomicon, Walhalla, Soulgrind - Nomicon, Soulgrind>>Whisper>>Nomicon, Soulgrind
G= Sacrament, Dirty Damage, Corporal Punishment>>Morgoth [Lare Nieminen] - Soulgrind, Walhalla, Evince, Fierce, Disformed>>Lord Heikkinen [Jussi Heikkinen]>>Soulgrind, Walhalla, Fierce, Disformed – Rain Paint, Dauntless, Denigrate, Sargo Fvkk>>MICKO HELL [MIKKO HUVINEN]>>Denigrate, Sargo Fvkk – Refusal, Ceaseless Torment, Nihile>>KIM LAPPALAINEN>>Ceaseless Torment, Nihile
B= Gandalf, Nomicon, Walhalla>>Ceasar [Tommi Launonen]>>Nomicon, Walhalla, Barathrum – Barathrum, Disformed>>NUKKLEAR TORMENTÖRR [TOMI TÖRNQVIST>>Barathrum, Disformed
D= Dehydrated, Funeral, Evilion>>Suntio [Janne Ojala]>>Evilion – Astral Corpse, Ø>>ASTRONUCLEAR AGITATOR>>Astral Corpse, Ø
K= Thy Serpent, Nomicon, Walhalla>>AGATHON [JUHA HINTIKKA]

Formed in the late '80s as Hellstorm, the duo (at that time) progressed via a name change and released two demos prior to the debut, which was recorded at M.D. Studio. The demos were called Fuck The World, Kill The Jehova in 1996 and Friendship Is Friendship, War Is War! in 1997.

The band leader was Agathon and proclaimed the band to be Dark Horror Metal. Miss Whisper chanted heavenly female vocals for the band.

Anticulture Records issued Under The Spell Of The Unlight in mid-2008. This was the band’s first full-length not on Holy Records. Gloomy Grim kicked out original guitarist Mörgöth in May, 2008. His replacement was an “occultist” called Father Umbra Sol who was preciously in the band as well. Gloomy Grim had a new two-track single featuring a cover version of the Mercyful Fate song Black Funeral and a new song, Let My Enemy Suffer As I Do!, in the end of 2010. The single was called Grim Fate. The band resorted to issuing demos and released Grimoire in 2014. Satanath issued a full-length in 2016 and the Obscure Metamorphosis EP in 2018. Lord Heikkinen had left in 2017. The gang disbanded due to Agathon’s health in 2019, but did an Ozzy Osbourne by 2020.


With a name like Gloomy Grim it is understandable that GrimmDistribution would pick the Finns up. This is an impressive release that both cheats the band and the listener with only four tracks running just short of a quarter of an earthly hour. The four tracks on show are impressive instances of doom/death/black and, with a good hint of Finnish doominess, also draw inspiration from the likes of Asphyx, Necrophobic and non-punky Darkthrone. The synthesizers are here – the band is Finland-based and cannot escape its genes – but is used more as effect as opposed to instruments thankfully. The Lord Of Light incorporates a short noisy solo. The result is four tracks of heavy as lead pounding metal with deep growls for vocals and tempos that run the gamut. Impressive Physical Sight is the least impressive owing to its obvious and simplistic riffing, but all four songs are bound to create a chemical reaction in the underground maven. More of the same please. – Ali “The Metallian”


Gloomy Grim