Serapeum After Sunset>>GLORIA MORTI - FINLAND

Lifestream Corrosion - 2004 - World Chaos
Eryx – 2008 – Stay Heavy
Anthems Of Annihilation – 2010 – Cyclone Empire
Lateral Constraint – 2012 - Willowtip
Kuebiko – 2016 - Willowtip

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Jenni Kemppaonen

History & Biography
The Finnish band was formed in 1999 in Heinola and quickly set about issuing the ThornGarden, Ephemeral Life Span, Gomorrah and The Cerberos Gate demos. The band signed to Japan's World Chaos Production, which promised a debut album for the beginning of autumn of 2004. The CD was recorded at Soundtrack and Sonic Pump studios. Finland's Firebox Records issued the disc in Finland. The band began work on a new album in the winter of 2005. The band and bassist Jukka Salonen parted ways in the autumn of 2005.

Stay Heavy Records issued Eryx in March of 2008. Matikainen played bass. Aki Salonen of Neverend become a full-time bassist in February, 2009. Jarmo Juurikka decided to leave the stool position in 2009. Gloria Morti recruited drummer Kauko Kuusisalo to replace Jarmo Juurikka. In 2010, Gloria Morti signed a deal with Cyclone Empire Records and announced it would issue its third album, Anthems Of Annihilation, some time in the autumn.

Finnish death metal band Gloria Morti would release a new full-length through Willowtip Records on March 18th of 2016. It was entitled Kuebiko. The act reported working on a new record in 2021.


Gloria Morti was founded as a thrash metal band and it shows amidst the heavy riffs, speedy passages and gruff vocals. The band's biography talks of Dissection, Behemoth and Impaled Nazarene. Is the band a pure metal sensation? They could have been were it not for the keyboards. Sadly, the band mixes its quite good music with keyboards and joins the ranks of those who are either too young to not know that metal and pop instruments don't go together or is simply too choked in the Finnish school band scene to care. Either way, Gloria Morti is a band with lots of potential which, nevertheless, squanders the possibility by getting mired in the commercialism of the day. The question is why? Would one choose to be a bus or truck driver when there is a Porsche waiting in the drive way? Would you go for GM if there was a Infiniti nearby? Once again, Gloria Morti's Lifestream Corrosion could have been a fantastic album by virtue of the convincing high and low vocals, blasting drums and powerful rhythms, but alas the band finds solace in metallic suicide. - Ali "The Metallian"


Gloria Morti