Glory North>>GLORY - SWEDEN

Danger In This Game - 1989 - Bozz
2 Forgive Is 2 Forget - 1991 - Alpha
Positive Buoyant - 1994 - Brilliant
Crisis vs. Crisis - 1995 - Local Hero
Wintergreen - 2000 - JVC

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S= Neptune, Warreins>>Ray Alex>>Jar - P.O. Saether>>Schizophrenic Circus, Zello - Madison, Norum, Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vanessa, Kharma>>GORAN EDMAN>>John Norum, Brazen Abott, Reingold, Street Talk, Kharma
G= Grave, Neptune>>JAN GRANWICK
B= Andy Loos>>Lion's Share, Tykoon - SVANTE HERNRYSSON
D= Grave, Neptune>>Matt Driver [Mats Forare] - MORGEN AGREN
K= Jonas Sandkvist - Yngwie Malmsteen>>MATS OLAUSSON

Glory has a long history dating back into the Middle Ages - actually 1985. The band was called Glory North and had been on hiatus a couple of times.
The band changed monikers in 1985 and featured an old Glory Bells Band member. A demo was recorded in 1987 and an EP called I'm Hurt appeared in 1988. Edman joined in 1992 and appeared first on Positive Buoyant. Despite his other endeavours he (and main man Granwick) are still a part of Glory. Edman also claimed he had to fight five years to see publishing money from Yngwie Malmsteen for his Fire & Ice work.
Granwick is a part-time guitar instructor.