Hymn To One Ablaze - 1996 - Perverted Taste
To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way - 1997 - Perverted Taste
Thricefold - 2002 - Independent/SOD
Consort Of The Dying God – 2011 - Source Of Deluge
Hagzussa – Riding The Fence – 2017 - Witches Brew

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Obnoxious>>MARCO PFEIFER [MARCOCHIAS]>>Obnoxious - Inanna Unveiled>>HEINER ‘SURTUR’ FRANK>>Inanna Unveiled - Maia

Obnoxious>>MARCO PFEIFER [MARCOCHIAS]>>Obnoxious - Matthias Freyth [Achchazzu]>>Obnoxious - Obnoxious>>Lars Kotthaus [Svarog] - SEEB

Jens Weiss [Aratron]>>Obnoxious - Obnoxious>>Marco Pfeiffer - Is Love Alive?, Somewhere In Nowhere>>Sascha Sievers>>Is Love Alive?, Somewhere In Nowhere

Winnie Freyth [Thyphaon] - Black Messiah, Shining Of Kliffoth>>Evgeniy Shestopalov [Nabam]>>Black Messiah, Shining Of Kliffoth - Mailvaltar, Darth>>Ralle>>Darth – Nebeltor, Source Of Sorrow, Black Horizonz, Is Love Alive?, Somewhere In Nowhere>>DANIEL MUELLER>>Is Love Alive?, Somewhere In Nowhere

History & Biography
The act was formed in 1994 by Pfeifer and Surtur who recruited guitarist Matthias Freyth, drummer Winnie Freyth and bassist Jens Weiss. This band functioned as a side-project of Obnoxious.

Hymns To One Ablaze was recorded independently as the band only later signed with Perverted Taste. The Freyth brothers leave the fold and are replaced by former Obnoxious guitarist Lars Kotthaus, Ukrainian drummer Evgeniy Shestopalov, who played on To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way and Paganborn before departing, and female vocalist Maia.

Goat Of Mendes, the German band named after Baphomet the god of witches, plays thrash and black metal, but does not shy away from incorporating foreign influences such as female choir vocals.

Following To Walk Upon... the band released a demo called Paganborn in 1998 and eventually self-released a CD entitled Thricefold which displayed even more gothic and folk influence. The latter CD featured Pfeifer on bass and was distributed by Germany's SOD Records. The band recruited Suidakra bassist F.T. in 2002. A demo called A Book Of Shadows was issued in 2005. Guitarist Larz and singer Maia were out in early 2007. A new guitarist called Seeb had already been recruited. Germany-based Goat Of Mendes had an album called Hagzussa – Riding The Fence through Witches Brew in 2017. Sascha Sievers left in 2019. Jens Wäling of Tombstone stepped in less than a year later. The band played a concert in 2022.

The band has called its music Wiccan metal.



Goat Of Mendes