Let Us Win This War - 1996 - Shivadarshana
Symbol Of Triumph - 1998 - Metal Blade
Conquerors Divine - 2002 - Perverted Taste
Awaken Pagan Gods - 2005 - Armageddon

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Defender, Gutwrench, Questionmark, Heavy Metal Maniacs>>COUNT AUGUST [HARM NOORT]>>Heavy Metal Maniacs, Defender - Grev Drake [Bart Eeltink]

Grev Drake [Bart Eeltink] – Izegrim>>LORD ARYDON [NIELS DONNINGER]

Defender, Gutwrench, Questionmark, Heavy Metal Maniacs>>COUNT AUGUST>>Heavy Metal Maniacs

Questionmark, Hammerhawk>>Emperor Mark [Mark De Ruiter] - Master Blaster - Der Knüppelmeister [Maarten Luijsterburg]>>Brutus – Slayne>>THE BASTARD [SEBASTIEN DU CHATINIER]>>Deluzion

History & Biography
Formed in 1995 this proud heavy metal act managed to quickly garner attention via its over-the-top image and live show which included X-rated nuns and fireworks! The band's early days were occupied by playing covers at local clubs. A demo called Live At De Buze was recorded which supposedly had a limited run of 50 tapes. The band gets more serious when Grev Drake replaces departed guitarist Lord Vulture. The act released an album for Dutch label Shivadarshana before signing to Metal Blade.

In 2001 the band appeared on a Motorhead tribute CD. New recruits were Master Blaster and Lord Arydon. Metal Blade dropped the band after disappointing sales caused partly by problems with SPV's disdain for the cover art of Symbol Of Triumph. The band signed with Perverted Taste for its third album. Goddess Of Desire was involved in a serious accident in Germany. While the band survived a traveling writer was killed in the accident. Guitarist Bart Eeltink (a.k.a. Grev Drake) left the band in May of 2005, but was looking for members for his new solo band in The Netherlands. Drummer Maarten "Ploegbaas" Luysterburg (Brutus and Ex-Goddess Of Desire) took his own life on Tuesday, October 24th of 2006. He was 25 years old. The group disbanded in 2009 following an appearance on the Satan Klaas compilation.

The band name's abbreviation is G.O.D.



Goddess Of Desire