Live At Wacken - 2012 - Indie
I Begin - 2012 - Indie

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S= Gorgoroth, Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, Wardruna, Trelldom>>GAAHL [AUDREY HORNE]>>Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, Wardruna, Trelldom
B= Gorgoroth, I, Jotunspor, Audrey Horne, Ov Hell, Saag>>KING OV HELL>>I, Jotunspor, Ov Hell, Saag

The band was formed by King Ov Hell (a school teacher) and Gaahl after losing the battle for the Gorgoroth name. During October of 2007, Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King Vv Hell kicked founding member Infernus out of the band. A legal battle ensued. Gaahl and King began writing, recording and touring until an Oslo court awarded the name and copyright of Gorgoroth to founding member Infernus invalidating King Ov Hell’s trademark (Tolkien was still upset). Gaahl left the scene and King Ov Hell started a band with the same name before the two reunited in 2012. An album was due to be released in 2009 during the legal battle. The album was to be called God Seed, which was a Gorgoroth track.

Norwegian black metal band God Seed released its next full-length in the autumn of 2012. Entitled I Begin, the record would hit North American shores on October 22nd through Indie Recordings. The album featured Sir and Lust Kilman on guitars, Kenneth Kapstad on drums and Geir Bratland on piano.



God Seed