Hell Fuck Demon Sound - 2004 - Xtreem
Phantomgrave: I Am The Catacombs - 2007 - Ordo Decimus Peccatum

Godus image
S= Blasphemous Holocaust>>Abraham>>Uncreated

G= Neverdie, Nüll>>V. BROWN>>Nüll, Back To R'lyeh, Hipoxia

B= Nüll, Infernal>>F. TRYCH>>Nüll, Infernal

D= Wormed, Nüll, Infernal, Unsane Crisis, Banished From Inferno>>PHLEGETON [JOSE LUIS SANCHEZ]>>Wormed, Nüll, Infernal, Banished From Inferno, Human Mincer, Wrong, Garth Arum, The YTriple Corporation, Lifelost, Utsik, Lifelost

History & Biography
The Madrid-based band was formed in the year 2000 as a side-project of members of Nüll and Wormed. A self-titled demo/rehearsal in 2002 showcased the band's raw black metal. Several shows followed. Eight songs were recorded in 2003 and the band sent of a three-song promo to labels which resulted in a deal with Xtreem Music. The debut appeared in May of 2004. There was a demo called Punishment Is Necessary in 2004. A second record came on a new label in 2007. The remaining members took over vocal duties here. Phlegeton would also become a full-time singer in acts like Human Mincer.

The band announced it would begin working on a third album in 2010. It disbanded instead.


Well, the album's title says it all, doesn't it? What can a reviewer add to that? The singer sounds like a Razorback angered and let loose, the musicians have decided Nifelheim and Darkthrone were good starting points, but were a little too in command of their instruments and the production... well let's not speak of the dead. The only surprise here is how the band hails from Madrid and not, say, somewhere more 'true.' - Ali "The Metallian"