Eternity - The Weeping Horizons - 1996 - Invasion
The 2nd Moon - 1998 - Ars Metali
Dreamweaver - 2004 - Nuclear Blast

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Fermenting Innards, Antichrisis>>ANDREAS HILBERT>>Fermenting Innards, Antichrisis, Under Black Clouds

Fermenting Innards, Antichrisis>>ANDREAS HILBERT>>Fermenting Innards, Antichrisis, Under Black Clouds

Fermenting Innards>>RICO SPILLER>>Fermenting Innards, Under Black Clouds - Progeria>>RAINER HUMENIUK

RUBEN>>Under Black Clouds - Michael Marschalk - Sinners Bleed>>ERIC KREBS

History & Biography
Formed in 1989 with a different line-up, Berlin-based Golem issued a demo before releasing an album with Invasion Records. That label's proprietor also happened to be a band member! The band had seen two members - bassist Max and guitarist Jens Malwitz - die as a result of accidents in the early 90's.
Golem shared members, label and a rehearsal space with Fermenting Innards. Hilbert was also a sound engineer.
Under Black Clouds was the house band of Ars Metalli label, being formed by the label's owner. UBC's first official release was through Invasion Records.
Golem was often compared to Carcass.
A new line-up recorded the band's second album, but the departure of drummer Michael Marschalk set the band back again. A new line-up signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The third album was issued in the spring of 2004.


Golem is not the product of just any marriage. The German band is the result of the mating of Carcass and Morbid Angel. The band does a good job of, er, emulating the two death metal masters too. Song after song is as if mid-era Morbid Angel and Heartwork-era Carcass have been analyzed to the smallest pieces in order to be reassembled by a very efficient German crew. Naturally, and here the Morbid Angel influences really kick in, the band incorporates a stupid track - you know, slow song, offbeat melodies, gruff vocals - called Breeder into the album and also near the end includes a silly keyboard-drenched song called The Tower. Those silly ditties aside, the Golem boys are surprisingly adept at what they do and no fan of the aforementioned acts should worry about getting something he does not like. The only surprise here will be the distribution of the album by Nuclear Blast Records. - Ali "The Metallian"