Melancholy - 1995 - Repulse
Elemental Changes - 1999 - Repulse
New Life - 2005 -


S= Amon Lopez - Avulsed, Christ Denied>>DAVE ROTTEN>>Avulsed
G= Gustavo Garcialo - Unbounded Terror>>VICENTE J. PAYA - Dehumanized>>Ivan Ramos - Blind Panic>>PEDRO>>Blind Panic
B= Toni Soler - Blind Panic>>SILVIA>>Blind Panic
D= David Garcialo - Dehumanized>>Ruben Alarcon - Blind Panic>>CARLOS>>Blind Panic
K= Jose Nunez - Oscar Roig


Golgotha was formed by Paya of the death metal band Unbounded Terror. Golgotha's music was quite different from the aforementioned band's however, and coupled with its release via Repulse, better known for its grinding output, failed to make any kind of impact.
The band entered Desgrabaciones Studio in June of 1993 and recorded a self-titled demo featuring five songs. The band signed with Spain's own Repulse Records and released the Caves Of Mind EP in the winter of 1994.
Now a full-time act, Golgotha disposed of guitarist Gustavo and drummer David and, having recruited two Dehumanized members, went to work on a pre-album demo. The new demo was recorded at Desgrabaciones Studio again and was made available in the summer of 1995. A keyboardist is now recruited. Soon thereafter the band recorded Melancholy - again at Desgrabaciones Studio. Oscar replaced Jose and the band toured with the likes of Avulsed and Deranged.
A three-song and three inch EP entitled The Way Of Confusion appeared in 1997.
Elemental Changes was recorded in the spring of 1998 by Vincent Dijkers - a producer the label would later call "rip off." The album was reproduced by Toni Pastor. The band's 2005 line-up featured four new members including Dave Rotten of Xtreem Records.