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Noise-A-Go Go - 1997 - Relapse
Go! Filth Go - 1999 - Harshit/Infernal
Live 2001 & Unreleased Shits – 2001 - Meatbox

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History & Biography
Crusty grindcore/noise band Gore Beyond Necropsy (match that!) is a Japanese band from Kanagawa, which released multitudes of splits, EPs, demos and albums throughout the nineties. The act was originally formed in 1989. Akinob, Kiyonob and Hironori were previous band-mates in a noisecore act. The beginning came with the Rehearsal demo '91 and I Recommend You... Amputation demo of 1992. A human drummer departed in 1992 and the band began using a drum machine. The band also featured a vocalist named Mamoru. Realized's singer Woo-Young helped with backing vocals, live vocals when Mamoru was unavailable and artwork. From there fans saw tapes such as Livetape '94, with its remarkable cover, This Is An EP You Want (MMI Records - 1993), Faecal Noise Holocaust EP (1996), Sounds Like Shit EP (Blurred Records - 1998), Live&Reh.'98 tape as well as split releases with Gut, Arsedestroyer (who toured in Japan with the band in 2000), Regurgitate and Disgorge among others. The Japanese mob also appeared on Tribute samplers to Regurgitate and Impetigo among others.

The band had been offered a full-length deal circa 1993 by Germany's MMI Records. The band and labelled changed their mind when it became apparent that the required product would need to be more professional than GBN desired. The band toured Australia to end 1998 and begin 1999.

Go! Filth Go was recorded simultaneously to Noise-A-Go Go and was meant for Icy Illusions Records of Czech Republic. Subsequently the second full-length finally saw release in December of 1999 through the Kiyonob and Akinobu-owned Harshit Records with assistance from Infernal Records. Live 2001 & Unreleased Shits was recorded in Tokyo. Several split releases followed. The band became Noise A Go Go’s in 2005, yet returned under its old monicker in 2023. Amazingly, the line-up persisted.

Hironori is responsible for mixing noise into this band's sound.



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