Ritual Of Flesh - 2003 - Displeased
Perception Of Hate - 2006 - From Beyond
Mistaken Conception - 2010 - Brutalized
Doomsday Device - 2014 - Sevared
Regressive Entities - 2019 - Musica Hibrida

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Melting Flesh>>CESAR VERA>>Melting Flesh

Melting Flesh, Carnivore Diprosopus>>CESAR VERA>>Melting Flesh, Carnivore Diprosopus - Alex Avalo>>non Eternal

Suffer, Internal Suffering>>Andres Garcia>>Internal Suffering

Grindersson>>Extremely Rotten Flesh, Respawn The Ancients

History & Biography
Goretrade was formed in 2000 by Internal Suffering's Garcia. From the beginning the idea behind the band was to create the heaviest possible death metal.

After playing live in Colombia, the band released two split-CDs, respectively with Corpsefucking Art and Carnal.

The band then signed with Spain's Repulse Records in 2001. This label soon went out of business and the band turned to the Dutch Displeased Records instead. After a long delay, the band travelled to New York in order to record its album. Five months after the recording, the label issued the CD just prior to Christmas. The band played in different countries in Latin America.

Members came and members went and with Vera's move to Sweden it became Vera and collaborators overtime. The act played at Gothenburg Deathfest in 2014. The band was opening for Tsjuder and Birdflesh in Colombia in 2023.


For about ten seconds after inserting the CD into my player and soaking in this very heavy band it sounded like the review would be very positive. Goretrade's energetic and uncompromising attitude, a sound reminiscent of Disgorge and the general whiff of overpowering brutality were all positive harbingers. Alas, the Colombian aggressors rely too much on other bands to be cited positively. The riffs are very reliant on the Suffocation formula and the vocals a mixture of Sylvain of Kataklysm and the deep growl of Fleshgrind. In theory, it is a great death metal offering. In practice, the band is derivative and only recommended for the diehard who cares little for originality and only demands piles of US-style death metal. - Ali "The Metallian"