Rhythmic Noise - 1990 - Alfa
Infinity - 1991 - Alfa
Inside or Outside - 1993 - Alfa
Grand Slam - 1996 - Alfa
The Last Rock Show "Song for You" Official Bootleg Tapes - 1997 - Alfa

Grand Slam image
S= Media, Reaction>>JUN-YA KATO
G= Presence, Rajas>>KAZUHIDE SHIROTA>>Daida Laida
B= 44 Magnum>>HIRONORI YOSHIKAWA>>44 Magnum
D= Make-up>>Yoshihiro Toyokawa>>T.F.G. - SHINKI KITAOKA>>Shy Blue, Animetal

This Tokyo-based glam/hard rock band was formed in 1989 as Golden Bat and issued an EP called Grand Slam through Danger Crue in 1990. The band was singer Jun-ya Kato, guitarist Kazuhide Shirota, bassist Hironori Yoshikawa, who was known for his work in 44 Magnum, and Yoshihiro Toyokawa on drums. At this point the band adopted the name of it EP. The band’s debut full-length was issued by Alfa in 1990 and was called Rhythmic Noise. Without Dreams was released as a single. Shinki Kitaoka was on drums for Inside Or Outside, which yielded the Song For You single. Next came two EPS, Easy Action of 1993 and Big Deal of 1994. A self-titled record appeared in 1996. By this time, after a year of service, Shinki was also gone. The band’s final release was a 1997 live record called The Last Rock Show "Song for You" Official Bootleg Tapes. It was recorded in live at Shibuya Kokaido in Tokyo. The band split up in 1997.

Unrelated early '80s Swedish band Easy Action featured Zinny J Zan who would later join Grand Slam. This was also the name for a Phil Lynott band. The Japanese Grand Slam was actually popular in Japan and played to concert halls. Jun Takagi played keyboards for the band.



Grand Slam