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Insanity - 2006 - Punishment 18
Dragged – 2010 – Punishment 18

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Arthemis, Power Quest>>Alessio Garavello>>Arthemis, Power Quest, A New Tomorrow - MARCO VIGHINI

Arthemis, Power Quest>>Alessio Garavello>>Arthemis, Power Quest, A New Tomorrow - FABIO CAVALLARO –GIOVANNI SCARDONI>>Animæ Silentes, Chrome Steel

White Skull>>GIOVANNI RADDI>>White Skull

FABIO PERINI>>Hollow Haze, Dream Of Illusion

History & Biography
Formed as early as 1996 by guitarists Garavello and Cavallaro as Deluge and underwent many line-up changes until the name changed in 2002. The Verona-based band abandoned most of its thrash cover versions in favour of original material and recorded a demo called 2k5 in late 2004. The group re-entered the studio in late 2005 in order to record a full-length. Insanity was issued by the upstart Punishment 18 Records in 2006. Giovanni Scardoni and Andrea Barchiesi were recruited to replace Alessio Garavello. Garavello returned to the band in 2008 after Barchiesi was fired, but Alession did not last and in came Vighini.


Part and parcel of the improving Italian metal scene is Ground Control whose Insanity album is a surprisingly good heavy/thrash metal album of which the band, label and country can be proud. The album was released back in 2006 and clearly demonstrates the band’s thrash influences. The music bears more than a passing similarity to Megadeth circa Rust In Peace and Testament’s early days. The group comes at it with enthusiasm and a fair bit of playing ability. Both melody and thrashing energy are on display with the singer being first and foremost reminiscent of Lizzy Borden and Joey Belladonna formerly of Anthrax second. It is not an exaggeration to say that the leads of Alessio Garavello and Fabio Cavallaro equal the work of Marty Friedman, which might also explain why the band fits in a fair bit of instrumental segments. Days Of Justice and the title track are impressive tunes, Free Your Soul is pure thrash metal, Oriental Sorrow could have been an instrumental and the album features a cover of Anthrax’s Metal Thrashing Mad. The album’s sole filler (aside from the cover version) is possibly the song Vortex Of Violence. The group is hardly original, yet makes up for it with pure dedication and substance. - Ali “The Metallian”


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