Teenage Giallo Grind - 2002 - Razorback
Horror Rises From The Tomb - 2008 - Razorback
Sempiternal Death Grind - 2013 - FDA Rekotz
Live In Delaware – 2015 – Ferox
Live At OEF 2018 – 2019 - Ferox

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Repugnance, Burning Lust>>NOEL KEMPER>>Repugnance, Burning Lust

Repugnance, Burning Lust, Bware>>NOEL KEMPER>>Repugnance, Burning Lust, Bware - Broken Gravestones>>Santiago Argento>>Broken Gravestones – Altar Of Giallo, Dead Hand Caress, Turdstorm>>DANIEL OLIVER>>Altar Of Giallo, Dead Hand Caress, Turdstorm

Repugnance, Burning Lust>>Noel Kemper>>Repugnance, Burning Lust - Santiago Argento – DANIEL CEDILO

Repugnance, Bware>>PABLO DEODATO>>Repugnance, Bware – JUAN GARCIA

History & Biography
Gruesome Stuff Relish, a Spanish grindcore trio, was vomited in early 2000 as a duo of Noel Kemper and Paolo Deodato. A split-CD was released with Dutch band Brutality Reigns Supreme through Bizarre Leprous Productions in 2001. This was followed by a 7" EP called Last Men Alive through Belgium's Uxicon Records.

Upon signing with American Razorback Records, the trio recorded its first full-length. Sergio from Repugnance often helped the band out for the live arena. Deodato is also the head huncho at Motosierra Records.

Bware was the name of a new side-project featuring Noel and Pablo from the band, Stevo from the defunct Impetigo, and Kam Lee from Denial Fiend and Massacre. The band was on Razorback Records and played death metal. The debut album was to be called Not For The Squeamish.

In the autumn of 2011, FDA Rekotz signed Spain’s Gruesome Stuff Relish. The label had a plan to release the band's next full-length album on CD and vinyl in the Spring of 2012. A new album from the trio, entitled Sempiternal Death Grind, would be released on January 25th, 2013 on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats. Live In Delaware was recorded in the USofA in 2008. OEF was recorded at Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic.


Here is more musical de-composition for the sick-of-heart. The oddly-named trio hails from Spain and, yes it is on Razorback, kicks up quite a gore cloud. Early Carcass would be the easy way out when describing The band wears its influences on its sleeves (literally) with a track like Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool) making things very clear. The tremolo is in use all the time and the drummer executes one roll after the other. The singers use a dual-vocal system a la Carcass and gargle enough blood to appease the legions.


Gruesome Stuff Relish